Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 12-18)

I tried to be active this weekend, but it’s really hard when the weather doesn’t play along. I still got some activities in, so that’s something, but I prefer spending my time snuggled up in bed with my laptop. Here’s the trailers that I found:



Who is excited for this, because I AM!?

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

This is the weirdest thing I never knew I needed desperately in my life!


I can’t get over the fact how creepy Dumbo looks in the thumbnail and … that I really didn’t need this as a live action. Why does everything have to be live action these days?

Toy Story 4

They seriously have toys reacting to Toy Story 4. So iconic! Also, the freaking spork … I can’t get over it.

Wonder Park

It looks ambitious, but I am not entirely sold.

The Party’s Just Beginning

I don’t fully get it, but I would watch it just because it’s Gillan’s work.

Fighting with Family

Can’t say that wrestling is a topic of expertise for me.

The Beach Bum

Still not for me even with the extended look.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

I can’t believe this has gotten an actual sequel.

Gloria Bell

Somehow I don’t feel like this is a movie I would go to the theater for.


There’s a lot of hype around this and from what I hear, rightly so.

Never Look Away

This is the German entry for the foreign language Oscars. It’s more than 3 hours long. Let that sink in.

TV Shows

The Hook Up Plan

I am HERE for this.

Good Trouble

I heard Noah will make a cameo.

DCTV Elseworlds Crossover

Oliver’s face!!!

The Protector

It looks legit.

Mrs. Wilson

BBC stuff always looks good.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3)

I … I  … still haven’t finished S2. I am scared of the end.

The Magicians (Season 4)

I am so lost, because I am not up to date at all, but it still looks cool.

Game of Thrones (Season 8)

*le sigh* why is there no new material in it?

What are you watching? Did you like anything on the list? Let’s chat!

21 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 12-18)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Detective Pikachu: I liked Pokemon when I was a kid, and I think six-year-old me would be all over this. Twenty-five year old me…is not sure whether he wants to see it, or if he is creeped out, or just doesn’t care.
    2. Dumbo: Yeah, I’m not going to see this. I don’t even remember liking the original Dumbo that much.
    3. Toy Story 4: I’m not a big Toy Story fan anymore, so I’m not on the hype train. Looks good, though.
    4. Wonder Park: It looks cute. Not really sold on it either, but it loos cute.
    5.A Series of Unfortunate Events: YEEEEESSSS!!!!


  2. Dumpin’ looks like a lot of fun! And yeah why the live action Dumbo? He looks weird in the thumbnail. I love the toys reacting to toy story 4!! hehe yeah Christmas prince reallly didn’t need a sequel. Is it weird that I can’t help but get excited over the GOT trailer even though there’s no new material in it?

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  3. With two older brothers, I actually had to watch a lot of wrestling growing up, but I can’t say I’m all that interested in Fighting with Family. The only possible reasons I’d watch this film is because Jack Lowden is in it haha.
    I never knew I needed Detective Pikachu in my life. It looks so bizarre, but also hilarious.
    Not gonna lie, I was nervous about Toy Story 4. I thought the ending of the third one was perfect, but as soon as I saw these teaser trailers my little heart burst with excitement.

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  4. I AM VERY excited about Dumplin’! I also love Jennifer Aniston so I’m so happy to see that she’s in that one. I can’t recall – did you read the book? I haven’t read it just yet, and wonder if I should haha 🙂
    About Dumbo…. yeah, I don’t know why everything has to be live action, either, it’s so frustrating and I am not a fan of that :/
    About A Christmas Prince : you didn’t expect a sequel because you didn’t like the first movie, or…. I’m curious haha. It’s still a sweet cute movie so it’s my thing hahahaha. 🙂
    OH MY GOD. The Hook Up Plan, I didn’t expect them to speak French I was soooooooooooooo shocked hahahaha. It actually sounds good?? Need to check this out??
    And Good Trouble: I’m watching this even if, well…. I’ve never been a fan of Callie so we’ll see how that goes hahaha.

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    • About A Christmas Prince, I just don’t think these Hallmark style movies need to turn into series in general. I haven’t watched it, so it wasn’t a judgment of the quality at all! I just feel like, they get the happy end and can be done with it haha next story please!

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