Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 3-9)

I don’t think it has fully registered in my brain that this is the last month of the year. The weeks just keep flying by and time is slipping through my fingers. But whatever, you are here for trailers, so you shall get them:


Avengers: Endgame

I feel like this is the trailer everyone has been waiting for. All of this is tough, but seeing Hawkeye is kind of the most heartbreaking one.

Captain Marvel

Brie is going to kill it in this role!


This is like the dark twisted version of what would have happened if Superman was evil.


Gotta admit that this isn’t really my thing.

All Is True

Not surprised Branagh took on this project.

TV Shows

The Umbrella Academy

I am so here for this!

Les Misérables

Did I need another adaptation so soon after the movie? Not necessarily. Will I still watch it? Very likely.

Roswell, New Mexico

Why am I excited for this? I ADORED the original Roswell show and this already looks 100% different except for the names. But still, here I am, wanting to watch it.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale

Interesting that they’d release the part 2 trailer before this?

Good Trouble

I don’t really have to add anything to that.

The ABC Murders

Travelers (Season 3)

I’ve been waiting for this for so long! It’s going to be such an intense season.

The Blacklist (Season 6)

I haven’t watched this since Season 4?

Game of Thrones (Season 8)

Can I just finally get a trailer with actual scenes from the new season?

What are you watching? I am still not over the devastation that Dumplin’ wasn’t actually released worldwide. HOW DARE THEY!?

19 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 3-9)

  1. I can’t see anyone other than David Suchet as Poirot, but I am a huge fan of these adaptations and it’s basically a tradition to watch them at Christmas haha.

    Endgame will kill me. Hawkeye’s scene definitely got to me the most. That haunted look in his eyes is just brutal. I have my predictions, a lot of them involving death so I’m hoping I’m wrong for most of them.

    At this rate, I’m ready for Game of Thrones to end. The last season, as epic as it was in terms of the battles etc, was so predictable and became the Jon Snow/Dany show that every other character plotlines just got pushed to the side. I know this series will end with a bang, I just hope that every character gets to have their chance to shine.

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    • I have to say that I am not that into the whole Agatha Christie stuff. I don’t know why, but I think I just always associate it with something old people and my grandparents style haha

      YES! Hawkeye’s look just crushed me. I also have theories about death. At this point, I think that’s just normal for the MCU.

      And as far as Game of Thrones goes, I so do not like Dany anymore. I used to be all on board the Khaleesi train during the first couple of seasons, but my favourite characters have always been Sansa and Jaime and I need those two to be fine. That’s the only thing I want.

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      • YEEEES!!! I am so tired of Dany and she’s just turning more into the mad king with each season. I read somewhere that it’s true that Tyrion is in love with her and I am so disappointed in him. Jaime and Sansa are truly the only ones worth caring for.


  2. Thoughts:
    1. Avengers: Endgame: *very deep breath* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can’t wait! I’ll buy my tickets early and arrive an hour before showtime just so I can get the best seats!
    2. Captain Marvel: Oh, I’m so excited for this.
    3. Brightburn: Ooooh! Where do I sign up?
    4. Les Miserables: I have to give them credit for doing as a TV miniseries. That’s just too much material for a movie. As for the lack of musical numbers, whatever. I always thought the musical was overrated, anyway.
    5. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Counting down the days. I’ll be watching it with my dinner this Friday night.

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    • I am so glad I mostly only know movie theaters with assigned seating. I hate the whole free seating thing haha
      Maybe there will be music in the BBC mini series of Les Mis. They maybe just didn’t want to give anything away. Who knows? Lily Collins has sung before at least haha


  3. Soooo many wonderful trailers out this time around! The Avengers trailer was really well done. Says absolutely nothing much about the story and teases us on what’s to come. Shazam will have a tough time in the box office against that beast. And that horror version of Superman saddened me… Wish it was actually part of DC’s plan rather than what looks like a “rip-off” more than anything.. 😦

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    • Maybe Aquaman will save the DC cinematic universe (who would have thought?), because I am hearing it makes great numbers in China and other Asian countries. But Shazam … it looks funny, but I don’t see it as a tentpole.
      Yeah, I get what you mean by saying it looks like a rip off.

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  4. I have not been able to stop watching the Endgame trailer! The Hawkeye part also gets me EVERY. TIME. even though I knew in the comics he gets a little evil. He’s my favorite Avenger for some reason, maybe because he’s always forgotten? Like, that would be me as an Avenger. xD

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    • I totally get that! The Hawkeye scene always hurts a little bit while watching, even after the hundredth time. I think my favourite is Scarlet Witch, kind of always has been, but I guess she won’t be in this one much haha

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  5. Ahhh the avengers trailer hit me right in the feels. And captain marvel looks great too! Umbrella academy looks fun 🙂 Yeah I forgot blacklist was even a thing. Yeah I need actual clips from the new GOT season too- so I can get properly (more) psyched 😉

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