Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 17-23)

I think we can all understand that things have gotten a little quieter around the blogosphere with the holidays nearing quickly. I am currently back in Vienna, spending time with my family for the next two weeks. I don’t know how much I will be posting during that time – maybe more, maybe less – but I definitely got your trailers!


Men In Black International

I am so in love with Tessa and Chris, I just cannot wait for this movie!


This is looking good. I think Hopper will do a great job as Hellboy.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Aaah, I love Snowball.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette

I guess I have to read another book before the movie comes out.

Then Came You

This is giving me vibes of a lot of movies I have watched before.


I like the cast, I just don’t think I care for the topic.


This took such a creepy turn!

TV Shows

Miracle Workers

Is it just me or are they trying to channel the Good Place here?

Watership Down

I am not too into the animation for this one.


I … have a feeling this won’t last long.

Alexa & Katie (Season 2)

I just want Katie to date Alexa’s brother …

Gotham (Season 5 – final season)

Looks well made and like they really put in effort for the finale.

What are you watching? Are you all set for the holidays? Let’s chat!

10 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 17-23)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. MIB International: I wasn’t sure where I was, but now I’m on board.
    2. Hellboy: See thoughts to MIB International.
    3. Mapplethorpe: I’m just like, “Doctor WHAAAAT?”
    4. Great: OOOOOOH! This looks awesome!
    5. Watership Down: I liked the book and the movie from the 70’s. I might give it a watch.

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  2. I don’t know if I’d go to the movies for it, but…. I’m kind of into that Secret Life of Pets movie haha. I love these kind of fun animated movies and I had fun watching the first one for sure! 🙂
    I…. I’m not entirely convinced by the Miracle Workers thing, it kind of gives me The Good Place vibes as well somehow and… I just need The Good Place, I don’t need another show like that haha.

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