Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 31 – Jan 6)

I know I have given you quite a lot of trailers and such to think about already with my best of 2018 lists (you can check out my thoughts on books, movies and TV shows in the previous posts), but the week wouldn’t be complete without a trailer post on Sunday. So, here we go!


The Secret Life of Pets 2

There’s just so many character trailers.

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet

Another YA book adaption as far as I know, just that the book title is Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet. I might read it, but I am not sure yet.

I Hate Kids

I can’t believe they are trying to release this in cinemas, because it looks like VoD for sure.


Is that … is that Liesel from The Book Thief?

Ashes in the Snow

This is based on a book. That’s all I know about it.


I am a huge Mads Mikkelsen fan, but I am not sure this one is for me.

TV Shows

BBC Drama

There is no way you could get all the shows in this with one watch and without pausing but I am super pumped about so many of them!!! Some new Peaky Blinders and The War of the Worlds, World on Fire as well as Noughts & Crosses on the top of the list. (I need to catch up on Poldark, Les Mis and Killing Eve though)

Carmen Sandiego

Why am I so jaded and don’t like this animation. Actually, I don’t hate the animation, I just don’t like it for these characters. I liked how it used to look in the past. I have become old and grumpy …

Sex Education

This could go both ways and be really good or really, really beyond saving terrible.

Punisher (Season 2)


Friends from College (Season 2)

I am also really excited for this!

American Gods (Season 2)

It feels like they are taking forever with this new season. There better be a lot of Mad Sweeney, because his episode was my fave of Season 1.

Stranger Things (Season 3 – date announcement)

It’s still so far away …

Shameless (Season 9)

I honestly haven’t seen this show for about 3 seasons now. I was just too disappointed that Lip managed to mess up his college education and gave up.

What have you been watching? Did you start good into the new year? Let’s chat!

8 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 31 – Jan 6)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Close: Looks cool. Maybe I’ll check it out.
    2. Ashes in the Snow: Hmm…I might see it. I have a friend who’s studied more about recent Russian history than anyone else who I know will definitely see it.
    3. Carmen Sandiego: You’re not the only one. I prefer the one from the 1990s. Great animation and early use of CGI, fantastic storytelling, and you always were learning something. And that’s not just childhood memories at play. Some of the old episodes are on YouTube. They still hold up.
    Also, most addictive theme song ever, and it’s only a minute long!
    4. Punisher: I hope everyone who liked the first season enjoys this. I couldn’t even finish the first season because I found it so depressing.
    5. Stranger Things: I’m just happy to have a release date. And with how fast and busy my life is, July will be here before we know it.

    By the way, I’ve two episodes of Runaways season 2 left. Oh my God, I’m such a Gert-Chase shipper, and the drama is too much! Looking forward to finishing up the next two episodes.


  2. Ashes in the snow is based on the book by Between Shades of grey- it’s amazing and I really recommend it (I actually didn’t know they were making it into a movie, but it’s so distinctive that I recognised it straight away). I really hope the beebs do noughts and crosses justice!! I’ve been waiting for someone to adapt that forever!!

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  3. The Secret Life of Pets 2 is a definite must watch & all the character trailers are just so stinkin cute, I can’t wait for it to hit cinemas later this year 😊

    I squealed when I saw the date announcement trailer for Stranger Things, I mean can it be the fourth of July already. I just think that it is an amazing show and I am so psyched to see what they will come up with in this season. I’m in the same boat as you regarding Shameless, I was so pissed about Lip, they had a storyline of hope and they completely messed it up.

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      • I’m so mad about Lip and really sad too. I really thought that he was going to get a redemption arc, but sadly not 😭 I’m a little curious to see what happens in the newer seasons, but I’m not totally invested, maybe I’ll watch it when I have nothing else to watch.

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      • I just don’t think I can go back now … to me, he went to college and did really well there and made the networking choices necessary to find people who are willing to give him well paid jobs that are legal and then he got to support his family and Ian got his meds and the others were allowed to be kids and yeah.

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