Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 7-13)

I can’t believe that has only been the second week of 2019, because somehow it feels like we’ve been at it for months already! Anyway, this year will hopefully hold some great movies for us, so let’s check out some trailers:



I know this has big remake vibes like What Men Want, but I am still here for it. It looks funny.

Hotel Mumbai

I heard Dev talk about this movie at a festival, but I still wasn’t prepared for the intensity of it all.


Uhm … I thought Io was just spewing volcanoes and therefore definitely not livable? I’ll still watch it for sure.


Has Netflix discovered Vanessa Hudgens for themselves? I am more excited about Mads and Lagertha being in this.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Why did this have to turn into a horror flick?

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Documentary of the week

TV Shows

HBO Line Up

My Queen Sansa is not having it in that small moment with Dany. I can’t wait!

One Day at a Time (Season 3)

Who else is SO ready for all the B99 cameos!?!?!

The Punisher (Season 2)

There is no Karen Page in this trailer and that makes me angry. She better not be sidelined, because I am gonna go ahead and guess that Netflix will have to cancel this like all their other shows because of Disney+.


Joe Cole! Joe Cole! Joe Cole!

Siempre Bruja: Always a Witch

I didn’t expect there to a be a time travel element, but I am here for it.

Russian Doll

Is this Happy Death Day in serial format?

Weird City

It’s weird. Let’s leave it at that.


So, this is supposedly based on the film Hanna.

Roswell, New Mexico

SOON! It will never hold up to the brilliant show from my past, but I am ready for more alien action.

The Enemy Within

It’s very hard for me to get into these kind of shows. There are just so many crime shows already.

What have you been watching? I’ve been binging a lot of Netflix, so I will likely make another post about that soon!

13 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 7-13)

  1. Wow, Netflix seems to be killing it lately!
    1. Io: Yeah, Europa’s the one with the ice that we could live on. Why Io? And why give away one of the bigger twists in the trailer?
    2. Polar: Mads Mikkelsen tries his hand at being Liam Neeson in every film after Taken. I might check it out.
    3. Velvet Buzzsaw: To answer your earlier question, it’s to make sure I saw the film. I got excited watching that trailer! You can bet I’ll review that movie.
    4. Sempe Bruja: Looks like it might be up my alley.
    5. Russian Doll: Um…I think I’m good with Happy Death Day and its sequel.

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    • This was truly a very Netflix heavy post, but there’s also this thing where the Amazon, hulu and whatnot trailers don’t get released as often and aren’t as easily available, even if these channels make great content too. (Still wouldn’t mind a Netflix-sponsorship)
      1: I have no answers for any of those things but I did have similar questions.
      2-4: acknowledged
      5: I think it was too early to make a series out of the groundhog-day-death-scenario. I mean, there’s even Happy Death Day 2 U coming out soon, so why make yourself vulnerable through comparison?


  2. I am glad I wasn’t the only one with the Joe Cole reaction to Pure’s trailer haha.

    I’m hoping that they’re keeping Karen out of the trailer for spoiler reasons cause I see no logical sense in keeping her out of the show. I’m just excited to see more evil Ben Barnes haha

    Dany can take her smug, entitled self back to the south for all I care. Give the north to the true queen!!!

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  3. The problem with trailers it makes me want to watch every single one of them. Unfortunately not all of them are as good as the trailers. As I ponder this a little further maybe the ones creating the trailer should make the movies?????


    • Hahaha I can understand that. I do believe that cutting and editing trailers is very different from how you have to do it for a movie. I think both are different skillsets (at least in my mind)


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