What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #3

It’s been one of those weekends again, where I just couldn’t resist a good old binge of TV shows. There were some new releases on Netflix, but I’ve also finally started something I’ve been eyeing for a long time now. Here’s what I got for you this time:

Sex Education

Not gonna lie, I thought this was gonna be garbage, but the show had something really endearing about it. Obviously, if you aren’t comfortable with the topic of sex or just don’t care about it, maybe the show isn’t entirely for you, but there’s so much more to it. Although it might look like it’s set in the 80s, it very much plays in our world today, in some part of the UK that I could not specify if you begged me to.

I feel like this show is so relatable for so many questioning teens out there. It isn’t really so much about regular high school drama, but the discovery of yourself as a person and your boundaries, the things you are capable of and your limits. Pair all of this with some really great acting, great humour and a more than solid plot and you do have my attention. At this point, I would be delighted for another season!

Friends from College (Season 2)

Friends from College is one of those truly underrated shows on Netflix. It has a star-studded cast, is absolutely hilarious and tackles some really great topics. I might be drawn to this more now that I am in my mid-twenties and adulthood is inevitable, but I genuinely enjoy every single episode of this show and Season 2 was a real blast.

The characters and their relationships are so complex and while their decisions are often faulty and misguided, you do understand where they come from. There’s hours upon hours of material up for discussion after watching this but I just need everyone to back off of Lisa. The woman is no saint, but Ethan’s transgressions were like a 100 times worse and I stand by that.

Halt and Catch Fire (Season 1)

Okay, I haven’t actually finished the first season yet, but I am officially in love with this show! I’ve known of its existence for a while now, but Karen Gillan’s The Party’s Just Beginning made me yearn for some more Lee Pace stuff I hadn’t watched before, and that’s when I finally started it. Best. decision. ever!

Halt and Catch fire is an incredibly intelligent drama about what seems to be the 80s computing industry, but is really only the backdrop to showcase some intriguing and real characters (real even has a double meaning here, because it’s supposedly largely based on true events). They have their faults, dang they are all introduced in a less than flattering way, but you want to know more about them. It’s a truly character-driven show. I can’t wait to watch all the rest!

Have you watched any of those? What are your thoughts on them? (For those of you surprised that Titans wasn’t in the post, it will probably be featured in the next one) Let’s chat!

29 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #3

    • I am so glad you agree! Everyone on Twitter is just like “but she cheated too!” And I want to shake them and tell them “there’s a difference between cheating once at the end of a relationship that already seems to be failing and cheating the ENTIRETY of your marriage!?!?” Not to excuse what she did at all, I know she has made mistakes too but they are all like “cheating is cheating” and that’s so simplistic πŸ™ƒ


  1. I’ve seen the ads for Sex Education but am not sure I’ll watch it? but we’ll see. Halt and Catch Fire looks good!! Also Friends from college looks hilarious! Thx for the show recs!


  2. Only Sex Education seems to ve available on Netflix here. Have to check again on the others but I haven’t seen them around. A pity since I didn’t like that. Maybe some other streaming service will show the others

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  3. Sex Education has been everywhere I looked this past week! I was kinda on the fence about watching it, like you I thought it was gonna be garbage and not even remotely funny. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it, I might just have to check out the first episode and take it from there.

    Friends From College has also popped up a few times and the cast looks really good. I might just give this one a try as well.

    Great list as always, Kat ❀️

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  4. I thought I had commented on that post already, but guess I was wrong, damn it. I want to give Friends From College a try, I’m not even certain if I had mentioned it before, now πŸ˜‚ It sounds like a show I could enjoy, I’m glad you’re liking it! πŸ˜€

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    • I know that retro style is common among the teens, but you cannot tell me that an entire town just dresses like they are stuck in the 80s haha I think it was a conscious style choice though. I heard it was supposed to make this whole thing less set in just one time and more universal.

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      • Oh that makes sense! Yeah some teens definitely dress like that, but all of them? The interior of the houses also didn’t look very 2019 to me haha but then again I’m not that familiar with British interior πŸ˜›

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