What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #4

I haven’t actually been in as much of a binge-watching mood as I used to. I do enjoy some currently airing shows though, so I will make allowances and talk about both – shows I have binged lately and shows I keep watching on a weekly basis.

Roswell, New Mexico

Only two episodes in and this show has my heart. Other than with the Charmed reboot (which I could just NOT get into), I am somehow completely fine with the NUMEROUS changes and liberties they have taken with the material. The necessary core and the endearing factors are all still there, so I am not going to complain. (Also, I am CW trash … we all know that.)

Liz and Max have the chemistry they are supposed to have. They didn’t whitewash the entire town of Roswell like they did in the 90s and they even added in some LGBT+ representation (I am not being more detailed on this because I don’t know how the characters identify yet and I don’t want to just assume, but my point is, not everyone is straight).

A lot of people have complained that Roswell, New Mexico is too political, but I personally like that. It adds that feeling of urgency and really makes it current. Seriously one of the shows I most love to tune in every single week. 

Derry Girls

I don’t know why I watched this? I guess I wanted something low-key to play in the background and the show seemed like a perfect fit for that. The thing that’s bugging me about it a little is that it doesn’t have a storyline that spans the whole season. It’s really just single episodes and you could probably watch them in random order (except for the first and last maybe) and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Maybe I am being unfair, because it does actually touch upon some rather serious stuff that happened in Ireland, but mostly it’s just super weird humour?

But it was funny and it served the purpose of distraction. I would probably watch more of it just for the giggles. I wish I had more to say about it, but that’s really it.


A friend and I started watching this together on a whim and we finished the entire show that evening. If I am not mistaken, it’s Netflix’ first Italian show and the dubbing is terrible, so I recommend watching it with subtitles.

The first half it just slowly trickles along and you are wondering what this is even all about. What’s the purpose of the show, you know? But then things start happening and the last two episodes are majorly eventful. I quite enjoyed it in the end. It may not have been perfect and it does not show Rome in any way you’d think it would, but it’s interesting. I hope Netflix keeps going with all that original programming from different countries.

Once I am in the mood for more violence again, I will watch The Punisher (S2) and Titans. They just haven’t felt right for now though. What have you been bingeing? Seen any of the shows I have mentioned? Let’s chat!

30 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #4

  1. Ohhh I feel you about Titans. I watched the first two episodes but I’m just not in the mood to continue it right now. I think the last thing I really binged was Derry Girls? I really love humour like this, especially the fact that things were so chaotic and everything just got worse haha. I started Carmen Sandiego today, and am enjoying it so far 🙂

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    • I think I watched 5 episodes already, but I just feel meh about it when I know I could be into it a lot more.
      Lighthearted stuff was better for my mood at the moment haha and I like the humour of Derry Girls as well, but sometimes the chaos was just too much for me and I felt sorry for James a lot haha and I mildly freaked out when the Ukrainian girl was also called Katja (but probably written Katya)
      I tried watching Carmen Sandiego, but I miss the old animation too much.

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  2. I started watching ‘Derry Girls’ but the humour felt like Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging, so I just couldn’t keep up with it, lol. I still think it was interesting to watch a show set in Ireland, especially at such an important historical time, but overall I feel like the characters were too stereotypical and annoying, so I gave up after a couple episodes.
    The one thing I’ve been obsessed with lately has been Bandersnatch; I probably watched it over four times already, just to see all the different endings that I could get. I haven’t watched Black Mirror, but I’m seriously pondering doing so, because the movie was very thought-provoking, so I imagine the show will make me feel the same way. If you watched the movie already, which ending did you get the first time around?

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    • I LOVE Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging haha at least when I was younger, so it makes sense that I enjoyed Derry Girls maybe.
      I watched Bandersnatch when it came out but I can’t remember which one my first ending was. I just know that I liked the Netflix set ending the best.

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  3. I didn’t realise they were doing a reboot of Roswell (I guess between Charmed, Roswell and Sabrina this is the time for 90’s reboots!). I’ve caught a few episodes of the original Roswell, it’s something I have playing in the background sometimes when I’m blogging, but I’ve enjoyed what I have seen so many I’ll check out this reboot, it seems like you’re enjoying it which is positive feedback enough to get me to check it out. 🙂
    Also I need to watch Titans but I’m not really in the mood for violence/a dark TV show, at the moment I’m binge watching classic series I used to love ( and kind of still do) it’s Doctor Who for me at the moment! 🙂 ❤️

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    • I very much didn’t enjoy Charmed or Sabrina as a reboot, so I am SO pumped I am loving the new Roswell. It’s completely different (except for names) from the 90s show, but with thsi one it completely works for me. I hope you watch it!
      Yeah, I get not being in the violent/dark mood for certain shows. I am not there at the moment either.

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      • I don’t know if you watch Riverdale, but it’s just too similar to that for me. As in, it tries to be super woke but in a way that is actually harmful to the people it is trying to represent. It is pretty cool aesthetically though.
        Charmed isn’t terrible and I hear quite a lot of people like it. I do enjoy a lot of CW shows, so I am surprised this didn’t work for me at all. I think it just felt like they were copying too many other pop culture phenomena and lost the charm of what made the original special to me. (e.g. the whole involvement of white lighters)

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      • Oh I have Riverdale on my to-watch list but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when I do get around to it.
        Yeah I guessed when I saw the trailer there wouldn’t be any white lighters. I think I get what you mean because they tried to stay away from the original but in doing that they lost what made the original special.


      • Just as a warning, I call Riverdale Riverfail because that’s the name it truly deserves for the trash fire it has become. But happy watching haha it’s good background noise.
        Oh, they do have whitelighters! And theirs shows up in the first episode and just explains all things witchy to them. I wanted them to struggle without a real clue of what was happening and there also isn’t going to be a forbidden love story with a whitelighter either. I don’t know … those were just some of my favourite parts.

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      • Ha, well i guess time will tell whether it ends up being Riverfail for me too then! Also sometimes I enjoy trash fire TV I will admit. 😀
        Oh, that’s a bit off. So there was no gradual build up where they had to learn things on their own before everything was revealed to them? I feel like that could end up taking away from the character development at the end of the day. Also the forbidden love in the original was one of my favourite parts too. 🙂

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      • Yeah, you might enjoy Riverfail. There’s a lot of people who do!
        They still struggled with getting their powers under control, but their whitelighter seems like a dodgy magical butler. He doesn’t answer all the questions directly, but he is there to guide them to some extent from episode 1 on. I just thought that wasn’t very good storytelling.

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      • Yeah, exactly! Also, it’s kind of cool to know a little more than the characters, while simultaneously having that layer of mystery about this seemingly regular guy who then becomes supes important.

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  4. I have been quietly taking notes about all the shows you like over my hiatus and now I’m ready to tackle my Netflix and other watchlist 💖 I haven’t really commented on your posts as much because of the hiatus, but I want to say that I LOVE all of your TV Show recs and posts so much, they are incredibly helpful for me! 🌼💗

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