January 2019 Wrap-Up

For the first time in a long time, this section in the beginning that is always dedicated to books, isn’t completely empty. I’ve gotten a bit of my reading groove back and had a blast with most of the reads I picked. Not gonna lie, I have become even more careful with the selection of stories I actually read, just because I don’t want to end up in the slump that was the previous year again.

A Very Large Expanse of Sea  Dumplin’ Movie Tie-in Edition  Welcome to Lovecraft (Locke & Key, #1)  Echo North

Like in the olden days, click on the titles to get to my reviews and on the covers to get re-directed to Goodreads!

January was a challenging month for me. I don’t want to get into the details as most of what happened was very private and took me a long time to come to terms with, so I’d rather not rehash it all. However, all of that made January feel like years and the blink of an eye at the same time. It was a strange one, so much so that I didn’t even hesitate for a second writing the date in the title. I am DEEP into 2019 already.

All that aside, I did actually post a couple new chapters in the Google Doc for the #witchyWIP that still roams my mind just … every single day. I haven’t had the time and energy to write the way I wanted to, but maybe going with the craze and switching to Comic Sans as a font did help a little bit. I have also decided to publish the existing chapters on wattpad in the near future. Any takers for that? (I hope so, because at least some people were interested in a little Twitter poll I did)

So, while I’ve been productive to a certain degree and able to balance some aspects of my life better than others, I am somewhat glad this month is over. It just wasn’t exactly a smooth start into 2019.


Hands down, it just HAS to be a tie between Halt and Catch Fire and the Roswell reboot on the CW. Both of those shows have completely enthralled me for very different reasons, so don’t make me choose!

Halt and Catch Fire has complex characters that aren’t really likable … at all. They are so very flawed, but as you watch, they grow on you big time and you cannot help but love them regardless. Also, it’s set in the world of computer programming and engineering in the 80s with excellent female badasses. 10/10 would recommend if you are into slow character studies (and a better Mad Men).

Roswell, New Mexico on the other hand is everything CW represents and I am here for it. It has beautiful actors and actresses, most of whom will look very familiar from previous shows on the network. It feels very current, with them not holding back on making political statements and trying their best at integrating LGBTQ+ characters (I say try, because sometimes they are misguided, but I give them A for effort). Most importantly though, I like this reboot so, so, so, so, so much more than the Charmed one (They lost me when they butchered the whole whitelighter storyline). Roswell, NM is nothing like the show from the 90s, but you DEFINITELY have the chemistry between the characters. It works that they are all aged up to adults and I feel like they all got more pressing conflicts than their High School equivalents did. It’s still early days, but I am in love.





That was a short recap of my month of January! I hope you had a less turbulent start into the new year and I am looking forward to chatting with you!

23 thoughts on “January 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. Ugh, my January was pretty crazy. Lots going on, left me stressed more than a few days. But I did get a lot of writing done and, like you, I did some of it in Comic Sans (thanks again for turning me onto that, by the way). Hopefully February will be a little bit easier.

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  2. It’s brilliant you’ve got your reading groove back Kat. 🙂 It was the same story for me this January and there’s nothing like being motivated again to pick up and read amazing books, and you definitely got around to some amazing books too. 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear January wasn’t a good month for you, but it’s over now so hopefully February will be much better. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it is. 🙂 ❤️

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  3. January is such an awkward month cause I find that I have a renewed energy to try something new, but then you have to settle yourself back into the daily grind, which is so repetitive and not inspiring at all, so my mood was all over the place. However, you have been on a reading roll. I definitely want to read Echo & North. It sounds amazing and I’m on a fantasy roll right now.

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    • I don’t know. I always have such a strange start into the new year and it doesn’t feel any different but like it should feel different. My holidays didn’t really provide much rest either. I don’t know, I just had zero energy to start with I think.
      But, yes! Please read Echo North!!! I loved that one.

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  4. Sorry to hear about January Kat, hopefully February will be much better ❤️ I planned on watching the Charmed reboot but haven’t gotten around to it yet, it’s not really a priority. Now I’m a little concerned though what did they do to the Whitelighters?? Feel free to spoil me, I might never watch it anyway haha

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    • Okay, bear in mind that I only watched 3 episodes of Charmed until I couldn’t bare it anymore. The Whitelighters don’t beam or teleport like they used to with the white light, but instead it looks lika aparation from Harry Potter now. Then, the whitelighter of the girls shows up in the first episode, tells them who he is and about their powers. There is no time period of them figuring it out on their own or him watching them for a couple episodes until he reveals himself, just plain telling it all from the get go. He’s also an older (late 30s to mid 40s? I am bad with age) British dude, so the forbidden romance is off the table. And he is super sketchy and creepy with his vibe sometime, like they say his name in conversation and he’ll just pop up and eavesdrop on them.

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      • Ohhh no I don’t like the sound of that at all :/ It’s so much more fun when they have to figure things out themselves! It kinda feels to easy if they already know everything from the start? And the teleporting with white light is so iconic! why would they get rid of that 😦 I’m really curious now, might look up what happens next haha

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      • It’s not like they have full control over their powers. It’s still trial and error there, but they have this lexicon of witch info if they need it and I don’t like that all that much. (Also, the first demon looked exactly like the Night King from Game of Thrones and I found that disappointing).
        I don’t know. Maybe you will like it better than me, but I just didn’t find it worthwhile. However, they did get renewed for another season, so ratings couldn’t have been that bad.

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