Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 11-17)

This wasn’t my best of weeks, but it did get better from the previous one and I hope the upcoming week will top the last one again. Step by step. However, I am really happy with the selection of trailers for this post! Check it out yourself:


Frozen 2

This looks SO grown-up and epic and intense. First of all, no one talks in the entirety of the teaser and then, it looks like this was made for adults but the first movie wasn’t released that long ago. So … the audience isn’t that much older yet? I am just a little confused as to who this is exactly targeted for.


I … only like the music so far?


It looks like the perfect what-if-movie. I mean, come on! Every aspiring musician must have imagined a scenario like that in one shape or another at some point in their life.

Long Shot

This looks hilarious!

The Hustle

Is this … another gender-swapped remake? It looks like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels from the 80s.


I am intrigued.


So, I haven’t read the books and I am generally not too keen about this whole thing, but … I just think this would have been the perfect movie for a streaming platform rather than a theatrical release. Is it just me who thinks that?

Teen Spirit

I liked the music in the first trailer better, but this movie is growing on me for more reasons than just Max. Still think that the title was a mistake. Everyone will forever associate it with Nirvana.


I’d watch this. We all need to change up our life every now and then.

Five Feet Apart

From what I heard from the screenings so far, it’s really well received (even among skeptics).

The Descendants 3

Yeah, I am probably going to watch this … I still have songs from the previous movies stuck in my head.

Mia and the White Lion

I’d actually prefer a documentary about the making of this movie, because they shot this over several years, so the girl could grow up together with the lion. She was one of only three people allowed to interact with him directly.


No, no, no! This turned so creepy and I don’t want Octavia Spencer to be creepy.


It’s Karolina from Runaways!

TV Shows

Derry Girls (Season 2)

I am so happy this show will continue.

Good Girls (Season 2)

YAAAS! Oh my, this was made purely for all the Beth-Rio-shippers (like me) out there!

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger (Season 2)

I am so looking forward to this!

Killing Eve (Season 2)

More brilliance from Jodie and Sandra.

The Bold Type (Season 3)

We are all excited, right?

Animal Kingdom (Season 4)

I can’t wait for my mad, bad family to return.

Jane the Virgin (Season 5/Final season)

Do NOT watch this promo if you are not up to date with the show!

What have you been watching? I took Friday off and binged all of The Umbrella Academy – my heart is full! Let’s chat!

25 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 11-17)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Frozen 2: I’ll see it in theaters. Probably not opening weekend, but I’ll see it.
    2. Aladdin: I’ll give Smith this, he looks like a djinn. As in an inhuman spirit capable of driving men mad just by being in their presence. Still don’t know if I’ll see this in theaters. I’m kind of over Disney remakes at this point.
    3. Mia and the White Lion: Too cute! I love big cats! I want to see it!
    4. Ma: Oh, I am excited. BRING IT ON!
    5. Cloak and Dagger: Yes! Yes! Yes!


  2. Oh my goodness I did miss a lot of trailers! I want to see Frozen 2, Aladdin, Teen Spirit, and 5 Feet apart. But I haven’t seen a preview for any of the others yet, so thanks for this!

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  3. So, Yesterday looks like such a fun film. Who wouldn’t want to live out their rockstar dream haha.

    I didn’t know they were making a Tolkien film, but I can get behind it cause it’s Nicholas Hoult.

    I feel like Aladdin is just going to be a trainwreck. I was dubious from the start cause I’m not the biggest fan of Guy Ritchie as a director. Not gonna lie, I’m not all that fussed about Frozen 2. The franchise is overrated, I’ll stick to Brave. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?! Not enough people are paying attention to Yesterday to be honest. It just looks like a really NICE movie and sometimes I need those so bad.
      I actually do like Guy Ritchie as a director. haha I think this is the first time we don’t have somehting immediately in common.

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  4. Tolkien and Yesterday have me very intrigued. I do hope they turn out to be great movies. I do have high hopes for Yesterday since the director has accomplished some great movies in the past. I had a good laugh at Will Smith as the genie though. I wonder how well the movie will perform in the box office now! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • I am really excited about Yesterday. It looks like such a nice movie and I mean that in the best of ways.
      And as for Aladdin, I don’t know. I could imagine it bombing completely at the box office or doing alright because people are curious. But overall, it doesn’t look like anyone is actually looking forward to it.

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  5. That’s a fair point about the frozen trailer- I hadn’t thought about that aspect of who it’s aimed at but you make a good point! I am not even gonna pretend to be excited for Aladdin ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m definitely intrigued about Tolkien. And I’m 100% going to watch (and enjoy) descendants 3!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? It’s not that Frozen 2 doesn’t look good, the animation looks stunning (those waves might as well be real) but it doesn’t look like something that was made for children, but the main audience of the first movie is definitely still in the child-category.
      I am so going to enjoy Descendants 3 too. I don’t care if people think it’s silly, I have a lot of fun watching those movies.


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