February 2019 Wrap-Up

This month surely had its ups and downs. I’ve been sick to the point where I missed 1.5 weeks at work, which has never happened to me ever before and drove me slowly nuts. Nonetheless, I tried my best keeping up with my shows, the blog but I only read one single book. The Light Between Worlds was an absolute joy, and if you haven’t checked out my review of it yet, you totally should (click here). There wasn’t even a doubt in my mind that I would give it 5 stars, but I don’t think it should take up more space on this wrap up. I am instead going to talk a bit more about what else happened this month.

I am not sure all of you know, but my contract at work and therefore my internship would have run out this week, but I extended it for another 6 months and will be in Berlin until the end of August. Everything after that is still pretty hazy. I have some vague ideas of where I want to go and what I want to do, but I have given myself permission to just live my life until May and figure things out after that.


(Because I have lost the ability to narrow it down)

For those of you who know me well, it comes as no surprise that Hozier is one of my favourite artists. I’ve been lucky enough to been to his concerts twice already, I met Andrew after the one in Berlin last November and now I got to attend an event that was just the cherry on top of it all! I got guest list tickets to an exclusive Hozier album listening experience. Wasteland, Baby! will be released on March 1st, however, I already had the privilege to listen to it in its entirety last Friday (so a week in advance), with Andrew/Hozier present, with him answering questions and a brief meet and greet photo opportunity. My favourite tall bean remains the kindest and most humble being. His music is magical and perfect as always! I can’t wait for you all to be able to listen to the new songs. They are quite more upbeat than the past album.

Also, look at that glow up from November 2018 to February 2019. We looked happy in the cold, but the professional photographer really pays off.

Something you will most likely also have noticed if you follow me on Twitter is that I have become very invested in SKAM … or more truthfully it’s German and French adaptations, Druck and Skam France. I don’t even know how this started. It was something about me wanting to watch more web series, my colleague knowing an actress on Druck, me checking it out and just being swallowed by it all. I still haven’t (and probably never will) watched the original, but I do adore what I’ve been seeing thus far. Also, I have been on a war path with the French language for years now and Axel and Maxence have managed to convince me to give it another try by portraying soft but cool and sometimes dumb Lucas and Eliott. I love them so much for it! (I talked more about this, but especially Druck, in my Galentine’s Day post!)

Lastly, there are probably a couple more shows that would deserve a shout out as they got me through my sick days, but I’ve already given you so many recommendations on what to watch anyway. I am sure I will include a lot of it in future binge-watching posts anyway.




I hope you had a less turbulent month than me! Did you read something nice? Did you check out some of my posts? Let’s talk!

17 thoughts on “February 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. Congrats on getting your internship extended. I guess that means they really trust you and like the work you do.

    I’ve had a decent February, though it went by really fast. I got quite a bit done this month, and I saw some good films and did a lot of reading. I’m finishing up All Quiet on the Western Front right now, and hopefully will start a book by a colleague of mine next month.

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    • Thank you! I just figured there was no use fretting over something this early on in the process. I know I can’t stay in Berlin without a job and also I am not sure I will be able to stay in my current flat should I want to remain in the city, but there’s still half a year ahead of me until my internship ends. I figure things should fall into place by then.


  2. I’m so happy that your internship has gotten extended and it’s so great you are giving yourself time to figure things out, too, I’m certain that you will ❤ ❤ I hope that March will be a bit less turbulent for you, Kat, fingers crossed ❤

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    • There’s just no point in fretting over decisions that will come up down the line. I will eventually have to figure out my living situation and find a job or Berlin will just be too expensive, but yeah, that’s about it.
      Here’s a hopefully brilliant March for all of us ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Caro! I was just so annoyed with being sick, because I was supposed to rest at home, but missing work just stressed me out. Not that my job in itself has that much responsibility, they are fine without me, but it was at a bad time. (And I missed a movie premiere and couldn’t really enjoy our Berlinale party all that much either)
      I will never get tired of meeting Hozier and listening to his songs. They are just the best!

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  3. I always feel like the beginning of the year is very up and down; January and February usually end up being write off months for me. 🙂 That’s good about getting your internship extended. I suppose it gives you a few more months to work out what you want to do afterwards, and oh that event for the release of the new Hozier album sounds like a lot of fun. I’m glad you got to go and that you had a good time. 🙂
    Great recap, and I hope you’re having a brilliant March as well Kat. 🙂 ❤️

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  4. Being sick is seriously the worst, I hope that you’re feeling better now! ❤ Also, congrats on getting your internship extended! It's great that you're giving yourself time to figure things out. Sometimes you just need to slow down a bit, to figure things out. 🙂

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    • I am, thank you! Unfortunately my boss was hit with an even more intense wave than me and a lot of people at the office rotated with staying at home too. We had something vicious going around for a couple weeks where everyone was just coughing and sneezing.

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