What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #7

I still haven’t come up with a more creative or organised way to title these posts, so I hope you will stick with me as I might as well number them endlessly. (I just feel like putting the names of the shows in the title would be overkill … and super long.)

Anyway, I’ve been at it again and here’s the things I watched:


Yeah, yeah, I know. For once I was the one super late to join the bandwagon, but I did in the end and that’s all that matters. The thing is, one, they all look like the Warblers from Glee with their uniforms and two, most of the time I couldn’t care less about any sort of murder mystery (and once again that was the most boring component to me). However, by the end I was really rooting for some characters and I am excited to see where things go.

Elite is a great show for you if you like to see some rich-poor-dichotomy, a ton of gossip and drama, family feuds and whatnot as well as a little who-done-it-mystery. I’ll definitely check out a next season, if only for Ander, Omar, Nadia, Guzmán and Christian. Also maybe a little bit for Lu, because who doesn’t like a mean girl afraid to show her true feelings.


I honestly don’t think this show is for everyone, but it does portray OCD and mental health issues in a different light than most other series do. It’s very heavy on the sexual content, has you annoyed with some (or most) characters in the beginning but it has a great arc overall. To me, it seemed like Pure dared to go someplace with that show that others would have been way too afraid to do.

My personal favourite thing about the show is the relationship of the main character Marnie with her mate Charlie (played by Joe Cole, whom I adore … as some of you know *cough*Lois*cough*). They have one of those effortless bonds and real good banter, knowing things about one another that they haven’t shared with anyone else. I am swooning hard over here.

Northern Rescue

Netflix kept recommending this show to me upon its release on the platform and dang, am I glad I did watch it. First of all, this show is so Canadian, it fills my heart so that I cannot even. But even more importantly, it’s a really good show about family and grief, with lovely characters but without getting too heavy most of the time. If you want something entertaining to have running while you might do other stuff (not saying you can’t watch this giving it your full attention, but you know, sometimes you just want something running in the background) I would definitely recommend Northern Rescue to you.

Lastly, I can’t help but think of Everwood (a show I adored when I was younger) every time I watch it. It also has a really nice theme song, which not a lot of shows have these days and I think that’s a real shame.

The Order

Okay, so I basically binged this in a day. It’s weird, because the topic is really my thing but the quality of it all just looked so bad, especially for Netflix standards. However, by the end of episode 2, there was no way I wouldn’t have watched this all the way through. Without spoiling anything, I just want to say that I love the Knights far more than anyone at the order and that I am quite annoyed with the main girl, but infatuated with Randall, the RA.

I think my quarrels with it were that it tried to kind of be as edgy and dark as The Magicians, but they just didn’t have the production value and acting to pull that all off. I feel like they wanted to add a bit of horror to it, but it wasn’t scary whatsoever to me. In the end, it was a really good first season though with a great finale that leaves a lot of room for what’s to come next. There’s definitely potential there! 

So, that’s what I’ve been watching? Have you seen any of these shows yourself? Who are your favourite characters? Talk to me, especially if anything caught your eye!

29 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #7

  1. I started Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It really intrigued me. I’m only on the second episode but it’s great so far – very unique spin on the ‘superhero’ genre.

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  2. The Order and Elite are definitely both shows I’ve almost started watching and then decided I didn’t have the energy.

    I really hated Hemlock Grove and Elite gave me to HG vibes so I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to watch them. You have intrigued me about them both, again though. I’m sure I’ll cave eventually…


  3. After hearing about the Order my first instinct was to find out what you think about it! (as our brand is kind of all witchy things 🧙‍♀️) I will definitely give it a chance now, even though it might not be the best show out there, but I really like witches, so this could be entertaining! 😄 I also have yet to watch the Elite, so you’re not the last person to watch it 😂

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    • I had a really good time watching the Order in the end! I think the production value just makes it look a whole lot worse than it actually is. Randall forever has a place in my heart now. I love the dude! Just give the show like two episodes for sure, I found the “twist” at the end of ep.2/beginning of ep. 3 really cool and the end of the season was great!
      Good to know about Elite haha but now that I’ve watched it, I get why everyone wanted me to watch it. It’s really good.

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  4. When I checked what The Order was about, it sounded very promising. Mostly, I was excited because I heard the word “werewolves” somewhere and I instantly felt the need to watch it. I love werewolves and there’s simply not enough content about them out there, so this had me hyped. The trailer was… disappointing, though. It looks very low-production, and I don’t even think the werewolves will be a center part of it. I’ll probably give it a try, nonetheless, since you mentioned it has potential!
    As for Elite, I definitely watched it solely for Guzmán, Nadia, Ander and Omar, because the main love triangle was so annoying. I did like the mystery, though, and I was very invested in figuring it out. I feel like I’m always like that about mysteries, though, as I am literally *the worst* at understanding foreshadowings and all, so everything is exciting and surprising to me, hahah.

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    • So, starting with the Order – werewolves are actually VERY important and without spoiling anything, they (and one character in particular) were my absolute favourite!!! The secret society that is the Order on the show actually wasn’t my thing at all haha
      I love that we liked the same people on Elite. I am just not much of a mystery girl overall. A lot of the time it’s not that surprising (although I didn’t know the result here) and I am kind of saturated with crime shows etc.

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  5. Elite looks sooo good, school has been stressful these past few weeks which is why I haven’t been as active but I love seeing the shows you’re watching. Your suggestions are great and I can’t wait for The Hookup Plan to come back for another season

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  6. Admit it, Joe Cole definitely sweetened the deal when it came to Pure haha. I am glad to hear that it improved by the end though. Northern Rescue sounds like the ideal lazy day program to me.

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  7. I am so glad i found your blog, because i am looking to expand my blog from books to movies/tv-shows too and i’ve been looking for blogs who do the same but didn’t stumble across many. AND I SERIOUSLY AM SO HAPPY TO FIND YOURS!!
    On a second note, which one do you prefer I watch: Northern Rescue or Pure? (I am on second episode of The Society rn)

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    • I am so glad you found my blog and liked it! I have lacked in consistency due to a couple hard months, but I am trying to post as regularly as possible, with a new batch of trailers every single Sunday (that’s the only thing I can keep up with).
      Hmmm … it’s a tough call as I don’t know you very well yet. I don’t know how comfortable you are with a lot of awkward and uncomfortable sexual content, because there is a lot of it in Pure. Northern Rescue is extremely wholesome and on the other end of the spectrum. Pure is British, Northern Rescue Canadian/American. I liked Pure solely because of Joe Cole being in it, otherwise I am not sure I would have stuck with it till the end. You could however try and just watch the first episode of each of the shows to see which one suits you better.

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      • Hmmm that sounds like a fair idea. Thankyou so much! I’m going to post a review of The Society by tonight, I would love it if you can check it out and possibly tell me, if there is a better way to review shows or movies. I’m always up for suggestions! ❤️

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