Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 4-10)

This weekend, the weather in Berlin has been really … inconvenient. It was rainy and windy, which is bad for me but great for the cinemas of the city. You wouldn’t believe what a boost some bad weather can be for the box office. Anyway, you are here for new trailers and you shall receive them!


Late Night

99.9% sure I am going to love this movie.

Someone Great

This is going to be someTHING great!


They even made the thumbnail look like he had elf ears.

Tell it to the Bees

So, this is a book you say?

Dark Phoenix

I still feel like this is super spoilery.

Red Joan

I thought I had shared this already, but now I am not sure and I think it looks cool so I’d rather have it twice.

Native Son

I heard the novel of this one is super dark.

Life Like

I like stuff about androids gaining consciousness, but how boring if he just falls in love with the wife.

The Art of Self-Defense

Interesting, but not sure about it just yet.

TV Shows

Good Omens

I can’t wait to watch this!

Motherland: Fort Salem

Uhm, okay, use witches as soldiers.

Game of Thrones (Season 8)

I am so ready for this! I don’t even know what to say … I definitely could do with less Dany/Jon scenes haha

On My Block (Season 2)

Wow, they’re really toying with our emotions, aren’t they?

Queer Eye (Season 3)

Who else is ready for the floodgates to open again?

Shameless (Season 9 Finale)

I feel like this should be the finale of the show.

What are you watching? I just finished Netflix’ first Turkish vampire series and it was a trip, although not one I would necessarily recommend to everyone. Did anything on this list catch your eye? Let’s talk!

35 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 4-10)

  1. I roll my eyes every time a Dany/Jon scene pops up. I don’t care for their romance, especially when there’s no chemistry between the characters!! Now, Jamie’s scenes on the other hand has me excited.

    I can’t believe they spoiled that moment in Dark Phoenix. Yes, it was obvious who was going to get killed, but they didn’t have to spoil it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaime and Sansa (not necessarily as a ship, but not entirely opposed to that either) all the way! Honestly, the most interesting characters on GoT!!!

      I put a big spoiler warning in front of the Dark Phoenix trailer last week and then didn’t have the energy to care as much this week. Sorry.


      • Same!! This is why I’m hoping Jamie’s promise speech was directed at Sansa!

        It’s insane. They basically sucked out the suspense of that scene cause we know exactly what’s going to happen. Here’s hoping they still have bigger revelations up their sleeves.

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      • I’ve heard rumours based on Jaime’s attire in one of the teasers that he might join the Night’s Watch? That would make me sad somehow, but it would fit his storyline.

        I just heard absolutely terrible things about Dark Phoenix and I am super worried.


      • Oooh that would be an interesting turn for him.

        Oh no!! I hope theyre not true cause I cannot cope with a second butchering on my favourite X-Men storyline!

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      • I would try to get my expectations as low as possible for this movie. (on a side note, they started with First Class in the 60s and Dark Phoenix is now in the 90s – how have none of them aged????)


  2. Spoilers or not, I’ll still see Dark Phoenix when it comes out.

    These days, beyond Supernatural, I’ve been cycling through a bunch of anime and Japanese dramas. Many of these series have been on my watch list for some time, so I’m glad I’m getting them out of the way.


  3. I’m excited about Tolkien because I liked the first teaser and Something Great looks fantastic. Motherland looks kind of weird? I will definitely watch Good Omens because the concept is fascinating.I’m so behind on Game of Thrones but I just have no urgency to catch up. Maybe when the final season drops, I will get invested again.

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  4. hehe that’s true about the Tolkien thumbnail!! I didn’t realise before! Yeah the trailer for dark phoenix does look spoilery- but it also looks like a better movie cos of that trailer tbh. Oh yeah the novel of native son was really dark and very depressing if my memory serves me. I’m really looking forward to good omens too!! 😀 And I couldn’t be more ready for GOT!!!

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    • I am worried about the Dark Phoenix movie, because it has gotten such bad reviews from the early screenings but maybe they changed things? It would be such a pity if they messed that up again.


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