Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 22-28)

As promised now also the trailers. I would never leave you hanging, as you already know because I keep mentioning it all the time that this is the longest streak of a feature I have had on my blog (just like I apparently had to mention it now …).


Men In Black International

If this movie flops, I am going to be sad. Tessa and Chris are a perfect comedic duo.

21 Bridges

Black Panther’s father died again … (Chadwick is just T’Challa forever now)

Gemini Man

I am impressed by the fact that they brought back the fresh prince, I mean, fresh face of Will’s past.

See You Yesterday

I like timey wimey stuff, I am in.

Murder Mystery

I am not an Adam Sandler person, but I might give this a try if I get bored.

Descendants 3

I still have no clue when this airs …

TV Shows

Dark (Season 2)

I am HYPE for this. Go watch and support German content on Netflix pretty please.

Lucifer (Season 4)

If I can’t get another season of Imposters, then I am at least glad Netflix isn’t wasting Inbar Lavi’s talent and putting her on Lucifer.


I have no idea what’s happening, but I am in.

Swamp Thing

This again, but a little more of it.

Despite Everything

Wait … so they just have to go look for their fathers? They don’t even get a clue as to who it could be?? Did I understand this trailer wrong???


Didn’t think Clooney would go back to doing a series.

Did anything catch your eye? Let’s hear about it!

What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #11

I promise the trailer post will come right after this, but I just don’t like it when there is nothing in between the weekly Sunday trailers. Since I did watch a couple things though, I thought I’d just throw in a little binge-watching one in the meantime.


If you want something nice and quick to watch about and from a gay man with cerebral palsy, this is the show for you. Netflix has started to put out content with only about 15-ish minute episodes, so you will certainly fly through this program. Personally, I thought it could have handled a bit more depth and length overall, but if this was just the appetizer for what’s to come in (hopefully) future episodes and seasons, I am here for it! It all gives you more of a web-series vibe, which is totally fine by me and most of the time those shows have a higher output rate than regular TV shows.

No Good Nick

No Good Nick basically screams Nickelodeon or Disney Channel at me in the way that it tries to tackle hard topics for a younger audience, but doesn’t quite succeed to get it across in a serious manner because they still try to be wholesome at the same time. All in all, there is nothing per se wrong with that, but it is something you have to be prepared for when you start watching No Good Nick.

My favourite part of the show was seeing all the different family dynamics, but mostly Jeremy and Nick being suspicious of each other and trying to outsmart one another. Especially the last couple episodes really manifested my like for their dynamic and I am curious which way it would go should that show continue for a longer time.


Who would have thought that I would really like a show about a guy who helps out at his best friend’s work, which is that of a dominatrix? Actually, never mind, I have watched way weirder stuff! Just like Special, this show has super short episodes and you can fly through it and despite the seemingly sex-heavy topic, it is really just a beautiful story about friendship. That’s probably the reason I enjoyed it so much, because who doesn’t like a good friendship-story? Also, it’s funny. We all need to laugh every now and then.


I finally watched it and don’t you dare judge me!! I watch so many shows and movies all the time, I am allowed to be behind on some things. However, the new season is releasing (somewhat) soon and I just wanted to get caught up on the hype. I really loved it! Knowing a ton of the faces in it and seeing this as a German production specifically for Netflix really made my heart sing. I honestly just want more content like it. 

I don’t necessarily agree with it being the German Stranger Things, because the show being strange doesn’t really suffice as a parallel for me. Dark really manages to be what the title promises – really dark. However, it is also complex and intriguing and sometimes even scary (and I usually don’t do scary=). I adore it when shows are still able to surprise me as they go along and Dark definitely managed that. Anyway, great acting, great confusing storytelling and the certainty of another season around the corner. What more could you ask for? Although, one of the best parts was the music for sure. Just needed to add that too.

Lastly, if you want to see the guy who plays Jonas in Dark in a fantastic German movie, then go watch “Die Mitte der Welt”/”Center of My World” movie. (Click here for the trailer)

Have you watched some of these shows? What are your thoughts? Are you as excited for season 2 of Dark as me? Let’s chat!