Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 29 – May 5)

May has only been here for a couple of days, yet a lot has happened in them. I am preparing myself for a busy and stressful month in more than one way. But let’s stay away from any more vague comments and do this post instead!


Sonic the Hedgehog

THE INTERNET DID IT!! Everyone was appalled by the animation of Sonic, so they are now changing it. I only feel sorry for the poor suckers who now have to work non-stop, because they didn’t push the release date.

Late Night

This is exactly the kind of movie I adore. Mindy Kaling is one of my faves.

Blinded by the Light

This looks … sweet?


Pretty sure I shared this at one point or another?

TV Shows

The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 3)

Oh my, does this look amazing and I cannot wait and why is this not out already?

Veronica Mars (Revival)

I already shared this in my monthly wrap up, but there is no such thing as too much Veronica Mars. Best teen noir series that will now accompany us into adulthood ever.

The Society

I am down for this! That was the perfect use of “bury a friend” if there was ever one.

Good Sam

This gives me “God Friended Me” vibes … with a touch of Hallmark?

It’s Bruno

Sure, why not? I am down for dog shows, even the weird kind.

The Righteous Gemstones

Could be interesting?

There’s not as much this week, but did you see anything you liked? What are your thoughts on the trailers?

13 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 29 – May 5)

  1. I only have thoughts on Sonic, and I’m like…yeah, this backlash was expected. Fandoms can get crazy, and you can only mess with Sonic’s design so much before people balk. Hopefully the film does okay despite all the hate already surrounding it (though I don’t plan to see it. At least not in theaters).

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  2. I believe that the Sonic movie is gonna be disastrous but I’m not gonna lie: I am all in!!! I plan on going to the cinema in November to go see this movie. Sonic was my childhood and even if this movie is atrocious it won’t ruin Sonic for me. It has been a long time since I went to the cinema to watch a movie just for fun. After I saw Endgame I made a vow that I would go and see more movies, because I was so invested in the MCU. Can’t wait for November!


      • Movies based on video games have very rarely faired well. There are exceptions, of course, Like the recent Tomb Raider, which was okay, but many video game movies, like Mario, Hitman, Pixels etc. have all been bad.

        I hope Sonic isn’t though. I don’t ever wish for a movie to do badly. Sonic’s design is not the only thing that worries me. The plot and vibe I am getting from the trailer just does not fit Sonic to me, but we’ll see.


  3. I can’t believe how they butchered Sonic the Hedgehog and I seriously sympathise to everyone that now has to work their asses off to rectify it. You’d think the first reactions from the poster would have said it all. On the plus side, the terrible design for Sonic benefits Detective Pikachu, so there’s that.

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