What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #12

From here on out, I am just going to put the “binge” in brackets, because I feel like that gives me permission to talk about movies as well. However, I don’t actually intend to make this a regular occurrence, to have a “what I’ve been watching” post just briefly before the “Sunday trailers” post. I am going to get my sh*t together eventually and return to a more regular blogging schedule … hopefully.

Dead to Me

You all know that I have a weird fixation on shows about death and grief and yeah … couldn’t resist watching this one either. It had some really messed up ethical questions and was simultaneously a lot of fun to watch. I don’t even remember the last time I saw Christina Applegate in a lead role, but she sure has the angry widow role down.

Just like with a whole lot of other shows that deal with “what happens to the people after someone dies”, I think it’s fascinating how little you sometimes know about a person you live with or who you’ve been with for years. It’s interesting to uncover those layers and to be faced with the reality of not being able to blame the person that is gone because they are, well, gone. The show also has a great finale that definitely sets up the next season, so I hope they get one.

If you want something that is fun, fast-paced, multi-layered with some deeper stuff that never gets too heavy – this show is for you!

The Society

The Society will probably be my latest obsession for a while. When I was little, one of the first shows I got really passionate about, was a show about teens and kids who had to survive after an epidemic killed all adults on the planet. This show isn’t the same, but it feeds into a similar narrative. What do you do when there are no adults around to keep you in check? Will you be able to build a life of your own, create your idea of a “society” or will you plummet into chaos and give in to fear?

I have to say, I was really impressed by the first three episodes of the show, then they temporarily lost me with a couple “plot twists” that I wasn’t too fond of. However, overall, the show kept a mystery going that I am still unable to solve (always a plus point if I can’t just do that!) while also not afraid of going really dark and sometimes sticking to simple but effective storytelling.

This is probably a good show for fans of the teen elements on Dark and people who wouldn’t mind everything being very Americanized. (Not that there’s time travel … or is there? I don’t know … but I don’t think so.)

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

I was SO pumped for this movie and it did not disappoint. In hindsight, I think that a lot of elements were quite predictable, but it really fed into the nostalgia that comes with pokémon. I don’t think this was intended as a movie that would inspire possible sequels, and I don’t think I’d need that necessarily, but I would enjoy watching more films set in that world. As a kid, who of us didn’t imagine those little creatures were real and how it would be to live with them? Well, the movie shows just how that might look like.

Man, I still wish I had a Swablu or Altaria for real.


This trailer might just be the most misleading thing in recent trailer history. I get that if you went into that movie expecting a regular old thriller, you might be disappointed. But I am not that kind of person. I don’t enjoy crime or thriller stuff. It just bores me. So, if you offer me a downright crazy sci-fi tale instead, I am ALL IN.

The movie has a bunch of bad reviews and ratings and I get it. It neither delivers on what it promises from the synopsis or the trailer nor does it make sense all the way through. Regardless of all that, I really liked it though and I cannot really put into words why. I don’t even like Matthew McConaughey and I couldn’t care less about Anne Hathaway outside of Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada, yet still, this movie was awesome.

Have you seen any of the stuff I mentioned? Do you want to? Let’s chat!

24 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #12

  1. I just got back from Detective Pikachu! I saw it with my sister and her boyfriend, and we all thought it was really cute and a lot of fun. Yeah, some stuff was kind of predictable, and I didn’t feel the bond between Tim and Pikachu at first, but it was a lot of fun. And while I’m more a Digimon fan (better storytelling), I wouldn’t mind a Pokemon.
    Also, I’ve been binge-watching Lucifer for three-ish weeks now. I’m almost done rewatching Season 3, and then it’s onto Season 4. Plus I’m binge-watching various anime when I can. I’m committed to three different series at the moment.
    This and other stuff makes my life busy, but I’m happy about it.

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  2. i haven’t really been binge-watching anything cause i’ve been studying for my exams lately but my family did start season 2 of Cobra Kai and season 4 of Lucifer over the weekend!

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    • That makes sense, but I always binge more when I am supposed to do stressful other things, even if it just runs in the background. I watched all 5 seasons of the UK Being Human while writing and studying for my Bachelor thesis haha (and I already finished Lucifer S4 too, so that will be in the next binge-watching post)

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      • ahhh. i listen to music when i have to do stressful things. when i watch a show i kind of have to put my full attention into the show so i get distracted and don’t get anything done which equals more stress. can’t wait to read your next post on lucifer!

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  3. I haven’t seen Detective Pikachu yet, but I hope I enjoy it! Like you said, I’m sure the nostalgia factor is going to be really influential in my enjoyment, but I hope the story doesn’t disappoint! I was also thinking of starting Dead to Me. I’m still sifting my way through some other TV shows, but it’s on my list! And Serenity…to be honest, I forgot that movie existed, let alone already came out, lol. I guess that means I wasn’t too interested in it, haha!

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    • I didn’t think the story of the Pikachu movie disappointed, I just thought it was predicatble, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
      Serenity had so many bad reviews, I think I am one of the very few people who actually enjoyed it. You probably didn’t miss out.


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