Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 13-19)

I probably could have thrown in a rushed post about what I’ve been binge-watching again, but last time proved that it’s not the best idea as I tend to forget vital information (such as the fact that there was a deaf character and a lot of ASL in The Society and I thought that was great rep). So, I am just doing the trailers instead because that’s all my capacity and brain cells allow at the current time (and there’s a LOT of them this week). Here you go!


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

I guess I will watch this again? The first one wasn’t even that great though …

Always Be My Maybe

I am so invested in this already and it’s only the trailer.


Looks good to me.

Burn Your Maps

I feel like Jacob is older now and this was filmed a while ago.

Angel Has Fallen

I can’t believe this franchise is still going.

TV Shows

3% (Season 3)

Well, this is not what I thought this season would look like, but I cannot wait!

Black Mirror (Season 5)

The only thing I am sad about is that this will only be 3 episodes.


Well, hello there show that I do not really understand what it’s about but will definitely watch regardless of everything.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

More German Netflix content and I think this is based on a true story?

His Dark Materials

Possibly one of the shows I am most excited for this year.

Katy Keene

How many Riverdale spin-offs can they make?


Looks better than I thought it would.

Motherland: Fort Salem


Nancy Drew

Did we need this as a show?

Party of Five

This show sure is relevant for today’s time and age! Hope they do it justice on the long run.

Blood and Treasure

Gosh, I used to be all over those shows when I was younger.


Cobie Smulders is still badass.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

If this is anything like “Please Like Me”, it’s going to be amazing.


I’ve seen this kind of story so many times, but I’d still watch it all over again.


I am here for AI stories.

Not Just Me

I AM MAD!! Netflix (and some Australian network) have made a show called Sisters and it is brilliant and funny and smart and this is the same thing just in an American version and I don’t think the Australian show got renewed, so I am sad … I don’t want this new cast.

Filthy Rich

At first I thought it looked dumb, but then it gave me Dynasty vibes and I love watching that.


I am out when it comes to cop stuff …

Prodigal Son

I know I just said no cop stuff, but profilers and serial killer stuff are different.


“Bury a friend” is just THE trailer song right now, isn’t it?


I am not sure I will ever really become a sitcom person.

The Chef Show

Yes, yes, yes! Give me all the food content on Netflix.

Do you like anything on this list? Tell me about it!