Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 20-26)

Another busy week has come and gone. I don’t know how, but lately everything feels like it lasts a lifetime and goes by in the blink of an eye at the same time. Here’s looking at what this week brought to us in terms of trailers:



Awe, this is cute!

Downton Abbey

The music gives me chills still.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

How is this a movie about a doggo?

Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

I am not a Tarantino person, but I need to see this movie.

Terminator: Dark Fate

I blocked out that this was happening.


I think Kumail is hilarious, but I don’t know if pairing him with Drax works.

TV Shows

Stranger Things (Season 3)

I, too, believe that Dacre is hot, but Billy is a little monster. Dude needs to not mess everyone up just because he can’t be real with himself. But still – STRANGER THINGS!!!!

Westworld (Season 3)

Well, hello there, Aaron Paul! Looks like you’ll be bringing something different to the show.

Pose (Season 2)

Still so fabulous.


I think I preferred the Teaser, but I’ll watch it regardless.

The InBetween

Is this a more stale version of Ghostwhisperer?

Black Mirror: Smithereens

Did they always used to do single trailers for every episode?

Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Cause it makes me feel like I know a bit too much ahead of the episode.

Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

And there are only three in total, which is not a lot …

Will you be watching any of the shows or films mentioned? Let’s chat!

5 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 20-26)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Abominable: Not really my thing, but looks cute.
    2. The Art of Racing in the Rain: There’s a lot of movies about dogs narrating to the audience lately.
    3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: The more I see of this film, the less interest I have.
    4. Terminator: Dark Fate: I’m still surprised, after Genisys didn’t take off, they’re still trying with this franchise. I might see this, but I’m not sure at the moment.
    5. Stranger Things: When this came out, I commented on the video: “Oh God, they’re pursuing THAT as a plotline?” That comment has gotten several replies and likes so far.


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