May 2019 Wrap-Up

I don’t know what to tell you, folks, but not much has changed since we had the last monthly wrap-up. I still haven’t read a whole book (although I dnf-ed the bad one and started a new one) and my blogging game is anything but at its best. In a way this annoys me like crazy, because I’ve been in the game for so long and I WANT to give you better content, but alas, this is all I am capable of providing at the moment. I am so grateful for all the people who keep reassuring me that they are happy to check out my weekly trailer posts or the ramblings about what I’ve been currently watching, but I still hope to get a more varied content that’s not just TV back soon.

As you probably noticed, or don’t – I am not your boss, I also haven’t started working on my YouTube reaction channel just yet. Aside from the fact that I really don’t know if I have all the technical necessities to do this thing, I just honestly didn’t have the time. I honestly don’t even know how I got through this month, thinking back at all the stuff that happened … anyways, I still have a question for you.


As I said, I mostly did some watching rather than reading, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I will list a series and a movie for this section of the post. I just wish that Netflix sponsored me, because I am hyping their content all the time for zero money. That’s how you know my love for their content is real! I really do believe that platform was basically made for people like me. Anyway, my faves though!

So, first of all, I fell in love with The Society. I am not going to run around and act like this is best show that was ever made, but it’s one that has stayed with me for weeks and that means something. Basically it’s just a bunch of teens who are very bad at survival tactics trying to form a government after they find out they are all by their lonesome selves. I adored how there was just constant mystery as to what happened (I STILL have no freaking clue) and even though it had a quite big cast, you get to know the characters pretty equally. I obviously adore Grizz like everyone else. He is the most wholesome bean and needs to be protected when Season 2 rolls around, which it will. Netflix did so much promo and additional online content for the show, I’d be shocked if they didn’t have more plans for it.

And the other thing I liked this month was Always Be My Maybe. I just am so blissfully happy when Netflix chooses to do right by people and makes good content with amazing creators. I just talked about it yesterday, so I don’t want to get into too much detail again, but that movie is so sweet and funny – just watch it! And if you need some more reasons to enjoy it, here’s a clip of Ali Wong just SWOONING over her co-stars.




So, this was my month! Here’s to hoping that June will be more productive on a personal level.

10 thoughts on “May 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. Sometimes you have to take a reading/blogging break! We’ve all been there. Please don’t stress yourself out about it ❤

    I am watching too many TV shows right now but when I next finish something The Society is next on my list. I have Riverdale-shaped hole in my life to fill.

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    • Awe, thanks so much for the kind words ❤

      If I dare say so myself, I find The Society better overall than Riverdale, but it takes longer to get you really sucked in. Episode 3 was kind of the game changer where you can't stop watching afterwards. I must know, I did an actual 10-hour-binge of it all.


  2. Take your time with it all, Kat, it’s perfectly okay if you can’t or don’t feel like providing a lot of posts, and your trailers recaps and binge watching posts are always so much fun to read and always make me discover some new things, too, so THANK YOU. ❤
    I am hoping to watch Always Be My Maybe next weekend, it looks SO GOOD and I feel like I'm going to love it, hopefully I'm not wrong haha 😀

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    • I am so torn, because a lot of the time I really WANT to do something on the blog or I WANT to read, but when I have the time and I take a look at it, nothing in the world can get me to actually pick up that book or open a tab to write a post. It’s annoying.

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      • I get that, sometimes no matter how much you want it, it’s just… well somehow it’s not the right time. I’m sure it will be again, sometime, don’t force anything ❤
        ahhh okay ahah I can't wait to watch it, will update you for sure when I do 😀

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  3. Take your time with all the things! Everyone needs a break. ❤ I love reading all your posts, no matter what they are about. 🙂

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