June 2019 Wrap-Up

A tiny bit belated, but here I am with my wrap-up for the month of June. And you won’t believe it, but I actually read a book as well. It wasn’t my favourite book ever, not even a favourite of the year, but it is progress and I had a couple nice hours with it.

The Devouring Gray is an interesting mystery novel with magical elements. I had pretty high hopes for it, but didn’t click with the characters too much. That was probably the main downfall, because the story is intriguing for the most part and although not unpredictable exactly, still pretty nicely filled with twists.

Ultimately I could only give it 3 stars, which isn’t a bad rating, but also not a good one either. At this point, I would pick up a sequel although I wouldn’t be in a rush about it.

You can check out my review by clicking on the title and get re-directed to Goodreads by clicking on the cover.

June was just as packed as some of my previous months in terms of work and the end of my internship seems to be approaching just faster and faster. I don’t like this stage of actually having to do a lot, but simultaneously being sort of in the air in terms of what the future holds. I want to do everything right and apply for jobs and figure out where I am going to live, but it’s not that easy. However, my parents came to visit me in Berlin for a week and it was a really nice break from everything.

On the hottest day, we went up North to the coast and it was much cooler there. We weren’t too lucky with the trains, but honestly, who is? The German trains suck. Anyway, I always thought that any body of open water could make me happy, but apparently I actually do have a preference for the Pacific. Who would have guessed? *cough* everyone *cough* That’s not to say that the beach wasn’t nice and the destination a good idea for that particular day especially.

We also went to see a circus-esque performance. It was so weird, but also a lot of fun and very funny? There was just this one guy dressed in a bunny costume with a voice distortion thing going on and I swear it’s what nightmares are made of.


I very much liked the new season of Dark, I super enjoyed How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast), but my heart goes out to Chuck. Sometimes I don’t need to binge all the new things, when there is some great stuff that holds up even close to a decade later. Just like with Veronica Mars, this show just sort of works for me, even when I know it’s not perfect (but honestly, what is?).

(lowkey can’t deal with the Australian voice over)

Other than that, I really enjoyed diving back into some old memories as I am prepping for a new super secret writing project. I have told a handful of people about it and I think it’s going to be fun! I am definitely looking forward to doing this all very differently this time around, with proper outlining and such. Usually, I just write about whatever comes to mind and then get stuck as soon as there’s a hitch because I have no clue where it’s all supposed to head to. Maybe this time will be different.





That’s it from my side! I hope you all had a great start into July. Stay hydrated and out of the sun!

14 thoughts on “June 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. So excited for the super secret writing project. It’s gonna be so epic in every possible way!! I am so happy that you had a week to chill with your parents. You deserve the chance to unwind and if ever bad vibes try to make their way in, just indulge in the beauty that is Zachary Levi. 😉

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    • I haven’t really been able to work on it lately, but I think that it’s going to be a good way to work through my feelings about what happened and maybe write something that I can actually finish again haha


  2. Too bad that you didn’t enjoy The Devouring Gray as much as you hoped you would. I have heard mixed things about that book, but I still want to read it. I’m just interested to see what I will think of it. Great post and I hope that your July is going to be amazing! 🙂

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  3. I’m really happy you finished reading a book, yay!! A little sad you didn’t click with it as much as you hoped to, hopefully your next read will be even better 🙂
    I’m glad that June gave you a little break and allowed you to go to the sea a little bit, too. It’s always peaceful to go there, well somehow it is for me ahah 🙂
    SO EXCITED for your writing project, ahhh, I hope to hear more about it soon and I hope you’re doing well with all of the planning stages, too. Planting all of the seeds of a new idea is always so exciting for me at least haha 🙂

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    • You read it too, right? Did you click with it more. I am sorry, but I don’t remember your review of it.
      I love the ocean, or any body of water 🙂 It’s weird for me that I seem to prefer the Pacific, but you learn something new every day, right?

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      • I did yes! I enjoyed it overall, I liked the cast of characters as a whole, it was more of the strange things happening that left me a little confused at times haha, but I really liked the characters 🙂

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      • Ah, I got it. I don’t know. I didn’t feel very confused about what was happening, although definitely not everything was explained. But I felt like the cast was too similar to the Raven Cycle and I didn’t really connect. Alhtough I ship Isaac with Violet – my broken bi babies.

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