Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 19-25)

I told you I would have a busy week ahead of me and indeed I did. I wish I could have kept up with my more regular blogging, because I quite enjoyed getting back into it, but hopefully next week. Today we are here to talk about trailers!



Another Christmas movie! But this one is special to me, because it was one of the last sets I visited before I had to leave Vancouver and the crew was super nice. There were a lot of non-movie-related people around, because Anna Kendrick, but one of the guys gave me chocolate and that’s just truly the way to my heart.

Lady and the Tramp

I can’t believe the level of secrecy of Disney+. I mean … they just up and remade Lady and the Tramp without any buzz.



The Marriage Story

This feels like something that should be in the running for some kind of movie award.


This is a whole other level of weird and I don’t know how to feel about it. Don’t make mean Siri movies.

Corporate Animals

I cannot even right now.

I Still Believe

I know this is based on someone’s life, but it sure feels like A Walk to Remember.


This is a “horror” movie I might be able to get on board with.

Motherless Brooklyn

I love all these actors so much and they are doing what looks like a really good movie.


No, thank you. I’d like to continue not being scared of water.

The Sound of Silence

I really thought with that title it was going to be about something else. But it makes sense.

The Pretenders

This feels all over the place.

The Report

This is just not my kind of movie at all.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Did anyone know they were this far along in the process of making the movie?

TV Shows

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season 3)

AAAAAH! I cannot wait!! And I saw Luke Kirby, which makes my heart happy. And there better also be some Zachary Levi and all will be good.

The Morning Show

YES. YES. Give it to me, please!

His Dark Materials

It’s still looking good to me.

The Politician

This looks like dark satire and I am here for it.

High School Musical: The Musical

OMG. I can’t believe I will be spending money on Disney+ as well as all the other streaming services I already have.

The Mandalorian

Haven’t really gotten used to the idea of consuming Star Wars material outside of the cinematic universe.

Welcome to The I-Land

This is so confusing. You think it’s gonna be a weird reality show and then … yeah …


I am not a huge Jason Bourne nerd, but I do like some of the actors and will probably watch this.

Elite (Season 2)

I am obviously in.

Did you see anything you like? Did any of the trailers catch your eye? Let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 19-25)

  1. I still find it hilarious that they’re doing a HSM TV show. It’s all so bizarre to me.

    Lady and the Tramp ❤️ didn’t need it, but the fact that the dogs featured are rescue dogs makes my heart melt.

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  2. Thoughts:
    1. Noelle: So it’s Elf with Anna Kendrick?
    2. Lady and the Tramp: I applaud their foresight to keep it to streaming services. This film would not work in a traditional theater run. They learned their lesson from Dumbo.
    3. Bombshell: Yikes. A horror film I don’t want to watch, LOL.
    4. Villains: I think I might be into this.
    5. The Report: Adam Driver’s doing all sorts of cool roles, isn’t he?
    6. His Dark Materials: I hope they release this on DVD at some point. I can’t get HBO shows, and I have BBC America, not BBC One. Excuse me while I go cry.

    Also, the trailer for Antlers looks absolutely terrifying. I can’t wait.


    • So many people say Noelle is like Elf, but it feels different to me.
      I wish they would keep ALL their live action remakes of animated classics to the streaming platform. I’d much prefer that.
      Bombshell looks absolutely amazing!!! I don’t know what you’re talking about 😛
      Adam Driver is doing all sorts of serious roles I’d say. I like seeing him in lighter stuff too sometimes though.
      You could get HBO go, maybe they have like a test month or something too.


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