August 2019 Wrap-Up

This post is so long overdue, but I’ve just been super busy and haven’t really been able to do much blogging in the past weeks (which you probably noticed due to the lack of activity on my part). However, I do think that August went a lot better overall. I started strong, but then it just sort of fizzled out again. I am now on one of those very long train rides again and hopefully, if the wifi doesn’t crap out on me, I will be able to do this post … hence, if you’re reading this, all went well.

In August, I read a lot more than in previous months. At least, that’s what it felt like, even if page counts would probably tell you otherwise. First of all, I tried audiobooks for the first time in my blogging career. It could have gone considerably better, but now I know what I am talking about when I say that they aren’t for me.

I also read a lovely novella by Taylor Jenkins Reid, who only just about everyone in the community seems to adore. That felt like a really good palette cleanser and I thought I had gotten back my reading spirits, but alas, life through me another curve ball. Time really wasn’t an easy commodity to come by, so I went for an easy route – comics! Seen as Disney introduced a whole lot of their upcoming content, among them the Eternals, I felt it was my duty to read up on them. There’s some really cool content there, but I also am intrigued by the fact that some characters seem to be gender swapped and that the ages have also been changed quite a bit. The casting is high quality for sure, so I cannot wait to see which story they are going to with.

These are the volumes I have read (so not the Neil Gaiman ones) and you can check them out on Goodreads by clicking on the covers:

Eternals: To Slay A God: v. 1 (Eternals (2008-2009))Β  Β Eternals: Manifest Destiny

What else is new? I’ve been working a lot, so I didn’t really put in the necessary time to go looking for a new job. I still want to say thank you to all of you who keep inquiring and sending me job advertisements that reminded them of me. It’s much appreciated and I so very much love the gesture, even if I don’t end up applying for all of them. I wish there was more to tell, but I am not sure where to start?

When I am not at work, I’ve been trying really hard to get out of the house and just DO stuff more often. Sometimes I am successful at that and I have had a great time at several movie premieres and open air concerts and such in the last couple of weeks, but in the end they are never so much about meeting anyone new. That’s still something I don’t really know how to do exactly.


I suppose at some point I had to stop talking about The Rook, so I reluctantly did. Instead, I switched to bombarding everyone with tweets about Four Weddings and a Funeral (the TV show), because it is really, really lovely. Mindy Kaling hits home with me about 80% of the time and I enjoy the content she creates for us and she was heavily involved in the making of this show. It’s super sweet, heart-warming but also heart-breaking. It’s square in the old-school RomCom genre but with far more diversity. I just loved it so, so very much, even if it was heavily predictable at times, because it was so reminiscent of all the things I used to love but that don’t get produced the same way these days anymore. It’s proof that you can still make these silly romances but keep them up to date. And for real, the most unrealistic part about the show isn’t that everyone meets their ideal love interest, but rather that these people seem to work and live in different countries on a whim without having to go through mountains of paperwork, visa and work regulations …

Also, if you are a Duffy – hit me up! I’d like 100% date someone like him and I am not really a Maya at all, so no heart breaking from me. Words I have spoken: “That stupid dork is like my ideal guy”




How was your month? Was summer as busy for you as it was for me? Let’s chat a little bit!

14 thoughts on “August 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. I can’t believe it’s already September. And August…was rough for me. Yeah, there were good things, but a lot happened that left me drained. As well as made me stress eat. So far though, September has been really good. I’m hoping it stays that way.

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    • As someone who has tried to live and work abroad, I know for a fact all the bureaucracy is a nightmare! The people on the show just move from the US to the UK and start working right away … I was baffled! That’s just not how it works haha

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  2. I’m happy you read a little more and had some great times at movie premieres and other outings, Kat ❀ And I really need to give Four Weddings and A Funeral a try sometime, it sounds like such a great show. So many things to watch and so little time haha.
    I hope that September will be good to you ❀

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  3. I’m happy to hear that you could go to some movie premieres and open air concerts (that sounds so cool!) and have a bit of fun πŸ₯° (I feel you about trying to meet new people … it’s super hard for me too πŸ˜”) I definitely have been watching a bit more shows now that I have a little break from university, but I’m nowhere near caught up with all my priority shows πŸ˜‚ I hope you have a great September! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you! I try to make the best of my time here and use the connections I have, while I am still at it with work haha
      Meeting new people is near impossible at this point. Unless I meet them via work, chances are slim to none that I will willingly partake in social activities. It’s all a bit too tiring haha.
      I hope you have a great September as well! What are you currently watching?

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      • I hope you get to experience more great events πŸ™‚
        Why does social interaction have to be so difficult? I wish there was a magic solution!

        Thank you! πŸ₯° I’m currently watching the third Season of Money Heist with a friend! What about you?

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      • I am sure I will, there’s always another event around the corner.

        Yeah, the whole social interaction thing really isn’t easy peasy.

        Oooh, I just started watching Casa de Papel and am baffled at whoever did the translation for the English subtitles. They are such a mess …

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