Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 7-13)

So, I only had a little bit of time at work this week, which was probably a good thing considering the past month, but it really hit me that I only have a bit more than two weeks left there. I learned a lot and really liked my team, but it’s also exciting to start something new. I have already discussed future plans with some of you and fingers crossed that one of my bigger life goals will maybe come true. But you are here for trailers, so here they are:



I mean … it’s very different from the Dr. Dolittle I grew up with, but it’s Downey with an amazing voice cast to accompany him. Count me in!

Jungle Cruise

Emily is such a badass!

Charlie’s Angels

It’s not what I would have wanted exactly just looking at the trailer, but I am still pumped for this. (and probably alone at that)


The best thing was Pratt and Holland watching the trailer and doing a live reaction video to it.


I guess we really are getting closer and closer to Christmas.

Earthquake Bird

Colour me intrigued!

Judy & Punch

For some reason, I find that movie really scary.

Love is Blind

I am like 99% sure that I have shared this trailer a long time ago already …

The Courier

I just want William Mosely back on the Royals, like that show was never cancelled, and not in weird movies where I don’t think he fits in.

TV Shows

Truth be Told

Apple TV is going to have some really intense and good-looking programs.


I like teens and kids in the apocalypse. That was basically the premise of my childhood favourite show.

Prank Encounters

I am not the right person for these kind of shows.

Vikings (Season 6)

I can’t believe this will be the final season. The show has accompanied me for so long!? But I love how they pretend Lagertha is getting older by giving her white hair, while the rest of her body just looks exactly the same.

The Little Mermaid (Live)

Technically not a TV show, but since they are making a live action movie as well, I didn’t want y’all to confuse it with this musical live version they are going to put on.

Did you see anything you like? Which of the shows/movies above would you watch? Let’s chat!

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 7-13)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Dolittle and Jungle Cruise: There’s a big part of me that wishes these weren’t happening. Not sure why, it just is.
    2. Charlie’s Angels: Undecided at this point if I want to see it in theaters or wait till it’s on DVD.
    3. Onward: Not my thing, but it looks like it’ll be good.
    4.Judy & Punch: Wow. Yeah, that does seem scary.
    5. Little Mermaid Live: Remind me to skip this.

    Also, the trailer for She-Ra season 4 dropped, and I. Cannot. WAIT!

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  2. I don’t know what to think of Dolittle because animals that look real but are talking has always been super creepy to me but the cast is amazing!!
    I just watched the Jungle Cruise trailer and it looks so good actually– it has that disney feel but I don’t think I’ll outgrow that so I’m excited!!
    Onward looks really good— I was surprised by how good it looked !! I loved Chris and Tom’s reaction to it as well– amazing!!
    I didn’t know it was the last season of vikings (I still miss some of the old characters though) but yeah I always thought that Lagertha never aged and they are trying this season but it isn’t working, haha!!

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    • Oh, I kind of like talking animals haha so, you’re going to stay clear of the anemorphic Cats movie too?
      I like the vibe of Jungle Cruise. I think it might not be a very different role for what The Rock usually does, but if it works, it works.
      Yeah, I can’t believe Vikings is really ending. It feels like that show has been going on forever. And we don’t know the historic skin care of Viking maids, they might have had the real magic stuff to help them haha

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      • Haha yeah I just find it creepy I don’t know why but I loved the music in the trailer πŸ‘Œ yes I will be staying clear of cats too– it just very weird πŸ˜‚
        Yes it is cool, I agree it is a very “Rock” character but it is enjoyable to watch so hey!!
        I know!! It does feel like forever!! Haha yes you never know and that would explain the show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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