Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 18-24)

I don’t really have an excuse for not posting this week again. I just wasn’t in the mood and needed a break from … everything? So, here we are again with trailers!


Call of the Wild

I don’t mind the CGI dog. I prefer it to a real dog being subjected to a lot of these scenes.


I guess if you found them creepy the first time, not much has changed.

The Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby

I mean, what’s even this weekly update with a Netflix Christmas movie?


I mean … if the intention was to creep me out, then it was a success.

She’s Missing

Not my thing.

TV Shows


I am yet undetermined if I like this or not. It’s like everyone wants to jump on the Dickinson train now that it’s successful, but I suppose they must have produced it at the same time already.


Colour me intrigued! Very intrigued indeed!


Count me in?

Avenue 5

I really think I could enjoy this.

V Wars

Damon was like “I can’t quit these vamps”

Marvel’s Runaways (Season 3)

Excuse me!? I was not prepared for this to be the finale finale.


Is it weird of me to say this looks Canadian?

Dare Me

Did this even show anything new?

For Life

I am kind of over legal dramas, even if the premise is interesting.

Fuller House (Season 5)

Everything is ending.

Doctor Who (Series 12)

I am not going to comment, because I am like 1.5 seasons behind.

Did you see anything you liked? Let’s chat!

12 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 18-24)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Call of the Wild: This feels different from the novel I remember reading in class back in middle school.
    2. Cats: This is going to bomb at the box office.
    3. Antebellum: I. AM. SO. IN!!!!
    4. Hunters: If I had Amazon Prime, I’d probably watch this.
    5. Runaways: And Disney puts the final nails in the coffin as they do away with the old shows in favor of new ones that WILL be confirmed parts of the MCU. Still, the talent in this show was amazing. I’m going to be sad.
    6. Doctor Who: I picked up Series 11 from the library the day before this dropped just so I could prep for the new series. As of this morning, I only have two episodes and the New Year’s Special to go. Allons-y!

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    • 1. I haven’t read Call of the Wild, so I can’t comment on that.
      2. Do you think so? I have a feeling Cats will be quite big.
      3. I thought you’d like Antebellum haha
      4. I have Prime, so Hunters is already on my watchlist
      5. I am so sad about all the shows ending. There is no way Disney couldn’t have just continued with the existing cast???
      6. Glad you are still enjoying Who


      • I don’t know if Disney could have continued with the cast. All I know is that they want to both centralize Marvel TV and make their streaming service profitable. Getting rid of the old shows in favor of new, Disney+ exclusive shows that are confirmed part’s of the MCU will do that.
        Perhaps they’ll revive those shows and characters someday. I hear they’re talking about rebooting Daredevil down the line. But it won’t be the same at all.


      • I only know that for the Netflix shows, there was a clause in the contract that Disney can’t use the characters for a certain amount of years after getting them back. That’s why it won’t be the same and will take ages. But Hulu belongs to Disney, so it doesn’t make sense to me.


  2. This actually included lots of things I didn’t know about so that was GREAT!!
    Hunters looks really interesting and I feel like I haven’t seen Logan Lerman in ages!!! haha!! I kind of wish I had Amazon Prime!!
    Also Avenue 5 looks weirdly good, I feel like I would like the humour judging by the trailer!! 🙂

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  3. As soon as I saw Logan Lerman in Hunters I was sold. I’ve missed having him on my screen. I never watched Vampire Diaries, but I did laugh when I found out about V Wars. Ian Somerhalder sure does love to channel his inner vampire haha.

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    • I’ve missed Logan Lerman too! When he first came onto the scene, I was sure we’d see him in more stuff.
      You didn’t miss out on Vampire Diaries, but in all fairness, V Wars looks very different to it. Still, never seen someone involved in vampire stuff that much.

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