What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #26

I have watched so many things that this post is probably going to get a little longer than I initially planned, but there’s just so much to talk about! Let’s get started to not add to the word count by some rambling in the intro!

Another Life

I had this saved to my Netflix list for months now, but never quite felt in the right mood to watch it. However, I generally like alien and outer space stories, so I am honestly not surprised I ended up enjoying this one as well. Even though I found some visuals to be very obvious aftereffects, the show has a cool and believable feel to it, making you wonder how far it is in the future and thinking it’s not quite all that much. Maybe, as if we were only one scientific breakthrough away from getting to that point as well.

Anyway, do not watch this show for Tyler Hoechlin, you’d be disappointed! Definitely watch it for the AI William though!!! He was the kindest soul and my absolute favourite from episode 1 onwards. I’d love to talk some more about the aliens and whether they are a threat or not and if humanity is being a dick once again, but then it would take out all the fun of you watching it. If you ever do want to talk about that stuff though, just hit me up in the comments!

For fans of: people crammed together on small living spaces, precarious situations that escalate past what you think possible, aliens, outer space, human challenges


I only found this trailer to make it accessible to all of you, but this is originally a Dutch show and I highly recommend you watch it in Dutch with subtitles. As you all know by now, I quite enjoy my international (especially European) Netflix shows and just upon hearing the title of this one, I was intrigued.

It’s another quite short format, but it is VERY dark. I mean that and want to warn you that someone stabs their own eyes and slits their throat within the first three minutes and many more brutal suicides will follow throughout the course of the show. I understand that it is not for everyone and want you to be prepared for the violence. Having said that, the show had amazing layers to its story, showing how karma can build up through generations and metaphorically portraying the consequences to actions in a very interesting way. You never quite know what’s behind it all and what’s going on, but it was very interesting nonetheless. The end, while making sense in a way, was super abrupt though and that irritated me a little.ย 

For fans of: metaphors, lore, karma, ambition, how far would you go-scenarios

October Faction

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Netflix is on fire with their comic book/graphic novel adaptations! While I haven’t read this personally and therefore can’t compare the content to its origin, I had the best time watching it. I will admit that it’s not the best comic book series on the platform, but it has its own charm for sure. While the premise seems pretty straight forward, I promise there are twists and turns to the story and characters that will make it ten times as intriguing as the trailer alone might suggest.

I don’t have all too much to say, other than that it was a quick and interesting watch that leaves you wanting more easily. There is a sort of cliffhanger and it definitely feels like not all loose ends are tied up just yet. I assume they made this with several seasons in mind and I can only hope that they’ll be able to get to do far more.

For fans of: comic book adaptations, humans vs. monsters, who is the real monster though?

Sex Education (Season 2)

Pretty sure it’s no secret that I liked the first season of Sex Education quite a bit and I liked this one too. There are still brilliantly shot scenes, good acting, confusing fashion choices that never quite make sense in terms of which decade we are in and lovable characters all around. I think I cried a whole lot more this time around than I did with the first season, but it also felt a little less focused? I don’t really have anything bad to say though (except maybe not loving the definition of pansexuality they used), because I don’t know … the show is pretty awesome.

The storylines that especially touched me were Aimee’s, Adam’s and Jackson’s, but Maeve also had some tearjerkers. But not just the main characters, but also some one episode sidestories were pretty great, with the “asexuality” scene probably being one that I can see helping many people out there. I know a lot of people weren’t too happy with some of the new additions *cough* Isaac *cough*, but just keep in mind that there would barely be any conflict without some new drama. They need material for hopefully a couple more seasons after all!

For fans of: messy teens, all kinds of love

Titans (Season 2)

I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to include this one here as well, because I am not even sure I ever talked about the first season, but here we are! The thing that is on my mind the most is that … I just don’t really love this show but also keep watching it? I just find it very hard to root for some characters, because you never quite get as close to anyone as you would need to be fully invested. The story is all over the place, there’s far too many flashback episodes (which are just a personal nuisance to me) and they keep adding characters.

An ensemble cast isn’t something bad, but if you see a character for a minute per episode or not at all, can you really still call them part of the main team? I don’t know. It’s such a slow build here, but as I said, I still keep watching it. There must be something to it! (Definitely didn’t mind the addition of Superboy and Krypto but will forever be sad about Aqualad’s part in all of this, especially cause I loved the casting)

For fans of: DC comics, origin stories, Titans

Knives Out

I wasn’t exactly impressed with the Oscar nominations, but that’s a whole other topic. Still, I try to catch at least some of the nominations every year and I really, really, really wanted to watch Knives Out. It released in cinemas here pretty late, so there’s still 5 screenings per day now and I finally caught one. I now get what all the fuss is about!

Murder mysteries not being my favourite genre, this was actually A LOT of fun to watch, as in, I laughed out loud several times. I don’t think we even have to talk about how brilliant of a cast they managed to get, but I was really impressed by all of them. Ana carried the movie perfectly and it was great getting to see Chris Evans in something other than America’s golden boy. I even thought I had been spoiled about the ending, but I wasn’t entirely and still loved all the twists and turns. Many people have mentioned it to me before I went and watched it, but the final shot of the movie is perfection!

For fans of: murder mysteries a la Agatha Christie, any and all of the amazing cast members, Rian Johnson as director

Have you watched any of these things? Do you want to? Let’s chat!

26 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #26

  1. I haven’t watched any of these, but I have finally watched Witcher, as you know, and I’m finally making my way through season 2 of Mindhunter. Tomorrow I’ll likely start season 3 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and after those are both done, I’ll finally get around to watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones season 3 (not at the same time, though).
    Unless Locke & Key is out. Then I’ll probably watch that.


  2. Well I’ve only watched one of these and that is Sex Education and I love that show A LOT!! I feel like it is one of the best teen shows I’ve watched!! I feel like it captures teens and embarrassment really well. Plus it is diverse and emotional! I love the friendships in it. I love Adam’s story too- he is so lonely and I loved that he is becoming a better person as he needed that development. I loved Jackson’s story too!!

    I hadn’t heard of October Faction but I definitely want to watch it now! I loved reading all your thoughts on these shows/movies!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was really happy that they included asexuality in the show this season, because that’s something it is definitely lacking and that makes it hard for some people to watch. There’s still a lot of teens who don’t experiment with that kind of stuff at all, but Sex Education is definitely doing a great job and I think it has the viewership to support it.

      I’m happy you like the posts! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I may just have to watch October Faction. It looks good! I binged the second season of Sex Education and I liked it, not as much as I loved the first. I just hoped for more Otis and Maeve I think, but it gives me hope for season 3!

    Fab post Kat, i’m just catching up! I’ll try keep my comments to a minimum so you don’t get sick of my face and name x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Please, feel absolutely free to go bonkers in my comments! I have missed you a lot Hannah, and I could never get tired of seeing your face or name pop up!!

      I get the Otis and Maeve frustration, especially with Isaac in the mix now, but I think it will be revealed that he deleted the voice mail eventually and that will blow things up for him. Maeve doesn’t appreciate that kind of behaviour.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I sort of mentioned this in my Sex Education review too that it’s just a bit too over the place. A lot of the core groups/duos broke up by the start of season 2 so we got a whole lot of new characters to follow and that just.. didn’t allow the story lines to focus more deeply on specific characters. I still love it though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, exactly!!! I didn’t quite know how to phrase it, but it didn’t feel as purposeful as last time and a little more all over the place. I also just didn’t know what the aim of the season was, which made it a weird ride, because I still enjoyed it, but what was the goal?


  5. I also watched Sex Education Season 2 with a friend and it was really great! I loved a lot of the storylines this time and I liked the show even more now ๐Ÿ˜Š October Faction is also on my watchlist, though I haven’t read the source material either ๐Ÿ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

    • I liked season one better of Sex Education, but I enjoyed this one nonetheless. It’s just that it felt a lot less focused in terms of storytelling is all.
      It’s really not necessary to read the October Faction graphic novel. 1.) I think it’s super different and 2.) maybe it would spoil all the good twists ๐Ÿ˜€

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