What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #27

Sometimes I really underestimate just how much I watch in a short amount of time, but I hope you don’t mind if this post gets a little longer. I think most of you are pretty on board with this feature in general, so let’s go!


Most of you already know that I quite like the Norwegian Netflix productions. One of them (The Innocents) even got me to start learning the language on duolingo and I am loving it. So, when I saw the first teaser and then even more trailers for Ragnarok, I WAS IN!

Basically it’s a modern take on Norse mythology, but it includes capitalism, environmental issues and gives you just the sweetest taste of just how broad the story could turn out to be. With only 6 episodes, Ragnarok very much feels like the beginning of something and I sincerely hope that we will get more seasons because it was fantastic. The show is incredibly atmospheric and has compelling characters. Some you will love to hate and others you will want to protect with everything you’ve got. I already have a couple theories, some definite favourites and enjoy the mystery that some characters are still shrouded in.

Fair warning though, there is a lot of animal gore (hearts getting ripped out, mouths getting torn open, …) and I do not recommend it if that is something you do not like to see.

For fans of: Norse mythology set in the now, giants and gods, European Netflix productions, M83 music

Dare Me

With the hype around Cheer (which I have actually also watched and never talked about, but boyo, did I cry during that last episode when they went to Daytona), this is the perfect counterpart in terms of fictional cheerleading content. You still get bone-grinding drills but the drama is more off mat than on it. I think there’s a lot more to the characters than you see at first and I am definitely loving the queer vibes off of basically all the ladies. I have absolutely no clue how I feel about half the relationships, because some of them feel so utterly inappropriate but none the less compelling.

It’s based on a book, that I haven’t read, and as far as I know, the author was very involved in the production and gave the actors a lot of freedom to expand and change the story wherever necessary. Everyone felt really comfortable with her on set, which is always good in my opinion.

I would like to offer a trigger warning for sexual assault as this is one of the themes explored throughout the series.

For fans of: cheerleading drama, all the girls giving off major bi vibes

BoJack Horseman (Series Finale)

I like BoJack Horseman as a show. It’s really depressing sometimes, but it also feels incredibly real despite it being animated. The voice acting is obviously phenomenal with a great cast for even tiny roles, but I did not feel the same emotional impact for all seasons equally. This last season especially, having been cut into two parts, didn’t hit has hard as some previous ones.

To this day, I think my favourite season was the 4th one, but that’s just my own preference. I liked when we dug deep into the messed up past of BoJack’s family. In comparison to that, some of the solutions and problems this season just felt superficial. I did get briefly emotional during the penultimate episode and the beginning of the last one, but ultimately the final minutes didn’t have as much of an impact on me as I had hoped. Still, if BoJack was a person, I’d wish him the best.

For fans of: animated shows for adults with meaningful themes but also dark, dark humour

The Good Place (Series Finale)

I sobbed, I cried snot and tears, I was SO freaking emotional during the last episode. The Good Place is one of those very rare shows that is perfect from beginning to end. I will never forget the impeccable twist of the first season that was a real game changer for how the rest of the show would turn out. I love, love, love that they got to finish it on their own terms and that they didn’t drag it out.

The way this show ended made sense. It was beautiful and meaningful. To come up with such an out of the box idea for a show and to get to carry it through all the way, that’s a real feast and I am so very glad I got to witness it all. The Good Place is one of those cases where it’s best not to talk about what happens too much, to just let people experience it themselves, but I want to say that it was a great study in character development and I will cherish these characters forever.

For fans of: moral dilemma and afterlife hijinks

Next in Fashion

Usually, I just do fictional content, but I binged this show and really liked it, so I am going to include it here real quick as well.

I am a fan of shows like Project Runway (although I haven’t watched the latest seasons) and this is pretty much just Netflix’ take on it. I liked that people were paired into teams at the beginning and how reluctant some of them were to get separated later on. I realise that it creates extra drama when people who do not work well together have to create one garment or a cohesive look for several episodes and I felt truly and honestly so sad for some of the people who had to leave where it was definitely due to the partner.

But the judges were refreshing and opinionated and experts in their fields. I loved seeing one of my favourites soar to the finale (even if they didn’t win). I just like fashion shows, despite not being a fashionable person at all.

For fans of: Project Runway, but make it Netflix

Little Women

I love this movie so much, there aren’t enough words to describe just how much exactly. Considering how many people were so adamant that there was no way anyone could top the 1994 adaptation, I think this surpassed all the Little Women content I have consumed so far. It felt fresh, I liked how the narrative was presented and we don’t even have to talk about the amazing acting and chemistry between all characters.

Genuinely, I had the best of times watching this movie (and no, I am not late to the party, because I watched it on release day here in Austria. It’s not my fault we get movies super late!). The theater wasn’t entirely full (original language versions rarely are) but there were so many young women and men and they laughed, giggled, cried, sobbed and gasped in unison, it just made the experience all the richer. I know the story pretty well and yet I never felt bored, all I felt was pure joy at watching what was happening on the screen. I loved how the parallels played out, how Jo’s life mirrored Louise May Alcott’s and that Florence portrayed Amy in a way that made it easier to connect. I liked how much effort Greta Gerwig put into the distinguishable looks of past and present and the choreography of big ensemble scenes.

To me, Meg and Beth felt a bit blander than Jo and Amy, but you still felt with them. I just want to watch the movie a million times more.

For fans of: the novel, Greta Gerwig, period dramas, Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, anyone from the cast really …

Code 8

If anyone asks me about my favourite characters in comics, it’s mostly mutants. So, this movie being about how 4% of the global population have superpowers and get discriminated because of them immediately had me intrigued.

I know that the Amell boys fought for this movie to get produced for a long time and I am happy for them that they got a deal on a spin-off series already. It makes sense, because it’s a vast world where you can explore so many more aspects of it. However, we are here to talk about the movie and that was … okay? I know that “okay” doesn’t sound like the biggest endorsement, but while watching the movie, I didn’t connect to the aesthetic as much as I had hoped. The struggle is very relatable and mirrors daily racism in a cohesive way, but it felt like a prequel or something that should have been a show to begin with! I felt like there was information on the characters that I was missing that would have been great to explore, but maybe that’s what they intend to do with the show. It just seemed like viewers were supposed to accept certain background stories without ever having been told what they were.

For fans of: The Amell family, superpowered humans, mutants (?)

That’s it for post #27! I am also halfway through the latest part of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but I am not particularly enjoying it, so it will take some time to finish. Let’s chat!

30 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #27

  1. The Good Place is so good but I have yet to watch the finale. I guess I just don’t want it to end lol 😂 I’ve recently finished S1 of the Witcher. It was amazing! Henry Cavill did such an amazing job bringing Gerald to life – 10/10 would recommend 🙌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought I was ready for the finale, but I alas, I was not! I mean, it was perfect, but so, so sad.

      Oh yeah, I loved The Witcher! I watched it last year around Christmas and I was so obsessed with Henry Cavil, he was all I could draw for weeks.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Little Women is such a great movie!
    I watched Next in Fashion within a day – nothing brilliant or super inventive but sewing is one of my hobbies, so watching those garments come together is so much fun to me.
    Ragnarok has me soooooo curious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Little Women is my favourite movie now haha I even have the script at home. I adore it haha

      Oh yeah, Next in Fashion isn’t a new concept, but I really enjoyed it. Did you have a favourite designer?

      Ragnarok is awesome. It’s also fun to see a European show resonate with people I have talked to on Twitter. It’s very short, but my hopes are high that they’ll continue with it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Daniel was my favourite! I was so pleased he got into the finale and would have loved to see him win. I was SHOOKETH when Marco got hit by that pole from the fashion closet. That thing in general seemed very unsafe. Why’d you put fabrics that high up if no one can reach them properly?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! I thought the same thing – something was bound to happen with a setup like that.
        I had a feeling that Minju would win. She did make beautiful stuff but it’s not my thing (at all) so I just couldn’t root for me. I’d also have prefered to see Daniel win.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Same, I feel like they pushed Minju and Angel A LOT when I thought other designers would have deserved a second chance instead. It’s not my aesthetic at all either, which is probably why I couldn’t root for her. I like the English vibes much better. That rowing inspired outfit Daniel made still has me swooning.

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  3. I’m super excited to binge-watch Ragnarok on the weekend! The trailer made me super duper intrigued and I love the nordic style of storytelling and atmosphere. I’m stoked to see how they handled the mythical elements while still dealing with current problems!! I think I recognized two of the actors from the show SKAM so I’m happy to find out how they play those new roles. So happy you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am still sad about how short Ragnarok was, but I loved it so, so much! And if I am not mistaken, there’s 3 actors from SKAM? Could be wrong though, because I am more familiar with the French and German remake than the OG version 🙂 I hope you have a great time watching!

      Liked by 1 person

      • 3?? wOW! you’re probably right with that because I only watched the trailer once (I didn’t want to analyze it too much so I could experience it as untouched as possible lol). THANK YOU! I’m 80% sure that I’ll really like it. 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      • I checked, just to make sure I wasn’t spewing utter nonsense haha David Stakston (Skam’s Magnus), Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (Skam’s Sonja) and Herman Tømmeraas (Skam’s Christoffer) are all in Ragnarok 🙂 ❤ have a great time! It's smart not to know too much about what you are going to watch sometimes.


  4. Little Women was indeed such a fantastic cinematic piece. The way it used multiple timelines to tell the story was impressive, at times confusing, but ultimately allowed the story to be as emotional as it was meant to be! I’ve been curious about Code 8 but I’m still skeptical about it. Thanks for sharing, Kat! 😀

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  5. The Good Place finale was so sad, but SO good at the same time! I ugly cried so much, but I think it is one of the best series finales I’ve watched in a very long time. I’m currently watching Next In Fashion and it’s good, but I’m not such a fan of the fact that the teams never change, I don’t know.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see what you watch later in the month ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Good Place will go down as one of the best shows of all time, at least in my book 🙂
      I didn’t mind that the teams didn’t change for Next in Fashion, because I think a lot of them entered as teams from the get go. It’s not like the show just threw all of them together randomly, but I liked it best when they all worked independantly, just because some of the team eliminations were really unfair to one party or another. Do you have a favourite designer so far?

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  6. The Good Place was SUCH a good show, from beginning to end. I feel like they perfectly wrapped things up and maintained it interesting all thorough the seasons, too, making it long but not too long for it to drag on forever. I so appreciate that about this show. I loved how it felt fresh and unique, too and oh god, writing about it makes me miss it a little bit now, too, ahah. I cried so hard at that finale.
    I’m so glad I ended up watching Bojack! I wasn’t certain I would enjoy this show, to be honest, but I’m really glad that I did because I loved it. I felt like that last season wasn’t as strong as the other ones, but I still appreciated it a lot. I love how it talks about mental health, too, I love how REAL it feels despite being an animated show. We talked about this before and I agree that the last episode wasn’t that… hard hitting (not like that second to last one haha), unfortunately, but it was still great overall 🙂 we need more shows like this!

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