Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 24 – March 1)

February is over (and we even had a lovely leap day this year), but you won’t get my monthly wrap-up until tomorrow. Today remains all about trailers for upcoming films and shows. Let’s get started!


The High Note

It looks like a simple enough formula, but I would watch this.

The Blithe

The cast of this! And it actually looks like fun too.

Self Made

Anything with Octavia Spencer is a hit!

The Healer

I know it looks cheesy af and I am not sure how much I am into the religious component, but I am kind of into it.

Almost Love

I like how the woman is kind of the sidekick to the gay couple this time around.


Look, I don’t watch horror. Why would I want to scare myself on purpose? But, I can acknowledge what Jordan Peele is doing for the genre, especially black people in it. So, I thought I’d share this regardless.


This is really more of a teaser than anything else.


Guess we are really doing 2021 trailers already?


I just saw TVD’s Bonnie and kind of clicked?

Enemy Lines

I don’t think Ed Westwick is still a thing. That’s the only thought I had really.


Didn’t I already post this but in far worse quality?

Robert the Bruce

I don’t think that’s my kind of historical movie.

The Last Vermeer

And this isn’t really it either.

TV Shows

Gangs of London

This is basically modern day Peaky Blinders and even with Jon Shelby (seriously though, support Joe Cole. He is brilliant!)

Tales from the Loop

I like exploring stuff that doesn’t make sense necessarily.

The Eddy

Musical dramas really can be hit or miss with me and this doesn’t exactly tell us a lot just yet.


Is this an Australian show? If they made this but didn’t give me a second season of Tidelands, I am going to be pissed.

The Letter for the King

I think I’d watch this.


I actually haven’t watched very many HBO shows lately and I don’t think I will get started on this one either.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 2)

When they released the poster for the season, I was like “why does he look like a ghost??”. Never did I expect freaking Max Evans to remain dead permanently. They better fix this.

On My Block (Season 3)

This show is so out there, but also so relatable.

Have you seen any of these before? Would you like to watch any of the things mentioned? Let’s chat!