What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #31

I cannot stress this enough, but I really haven’t been watching all that much ever since we all got stuck at home. I know that everyone thinks I spend all my time in front of screens, but that’s really not all that true. I try to keep myself entertained elsewhere too, because otherwise my sleep cycle is just a mess and I don’t think it helps my mood much either. So, I have started watching a couple things, but binged very little. I will mention a couple shows today that I haven’t finished yet, but you can still totally get in on those.

In the Dark (Season 1)

I am utter trash for all CW content. I may not always watch everything right away, but their shows speak to my soul like few other networks do. Of course, very few of those series are high-brow, but they sure are entertaining and that’s what I value them for. As you probably also know, I am always a little “meh”-feeling about thriller and murder mystery content, but the cast for In the Dark was just too appealing. (Casey Deidrick has been a favourite of mine ever since the painful cancellation of Eye Candy) Add to that the fact that the main character is blind and you have my attention.

The thing about this show that impressed me the most is that a certain character really shocked me. Like, I thought I knew people, I thought I knew writers, but that betrayal stung hard and was for me entirely unexpected. I think my radar for love interests is off or something … I also enjoyed that they let Murphy remain a very selfish character (despite doing something for someone else the entire season) and making it hard to side with her sometimes. They sure didn’t go on her easy just because …Β  Lastly, the season also ended with the perfect set up for Season 2 (which will start on April 16 and I am READY!!!).

For fans of: CW hot people being unlikable but still getting 823509 love interests

Council of Dads (Season 1)

I don’t even have that much to say yet, because there’s only one episode out so far. Episode 2 won’t air until April 30th, so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to start this show or not. However, this was SO emotional. Basically, the first episode was the entire set up for the season (as pilots so often are, duh!), even though it had material to be a season of its own. But they weren’t messing around with getting into the nitty-gritty of things and started with a rapid pace, yet managed to still convey all the important information and (even more importantly) emotion.

Is it to the point of chessy sometimes? Yes, absolutely. But you can always get me with a great patchwork family drama. That’s simply my jam.

For fans of: crying every single episode

Motherland: Fort Salem (Season 1)

Witches are one of my favourite topics in TV or movies or books. I sometimes have trouble when their story is set during the Salem witch trials or a similar century, but my interest was peaked when this show had all the historical elements but a contemporary setting.

In easy terms, this show focuses on how witches weren’t prosecuted, but rather made allies by recruiting them as the military in certain countries. They have been the executing hand for the longest time now, but trust in them wanes as a terrorist group with magical abilities wreaks havoc. This show is no light entertainment, from the first episode on there are clear trigger warnings for suicide and self-harm, often accompanied with helplines after the credits!

There are currently three episodes available, all of which have shown a great build up of character dynamics so far. I enjoy how heavily their magical system relies on sound and find that to be a more unique perspective on spells etc. as it can be conveyed to the viewer in fascinating ways. I haven’t really found that one character to truly connect to, but the groundwork has been done and there are certainly a lot of mysteries that I’d like to uncover and understand.

For fans of: witches, alternate history

Jojo Rabbit

What’s there to say? Taika won his Oscar for this movie fair and square (not that there was ever any doubt, no matter how much I would have also liked to see it go to Greta). For such a heavy topic, Taika Waititi made it accessible and even gave it that dose of humour that seems like his signature in any movie or show he does. The actors were all chosen perfectly and I laughed and cried and laughed and cried all over again. I was, like so many others, especially impressed and delighted by the kids in this movie. Not a lot of such young talents could have carried the film (or even stolen scenes) the way they did.

The fact that the movie ended with a quote by Rilke (which I much prefer in English for some strange reason) that breaks your heart all over again was just the cherry on top.

For fans of: political satire, Taika Waititi projects, strange humour but deep cutting feels

Late Night

Mindy Kaling is honestly one of my biggest idols. I adore almost everything she does and I find her funny and have her books and … yeah, it’s really difficult for me to say anything other than “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!” about the movie. I loved the different female perspectives here (because Katherine and Molly couldn’t be more opposite), but also enjoyed the romance vibes at the workplace. It has funny moments, but also some really relatable and truthful ones. They didn’t make excuse after excuse when people messed up, they let things be messy. I know a lot of people think this movie was just okay and that’s valid, but I truly adored it. (See, can’t stop with the gushing)

For fans of: behind the scenes look into the industry, Mindy Kaling projects

Other than that, I have started watching The Morning Show, Series 5 of Our Girl and HSMTMTS … but more on those another time! What have you been watching? Have you seen any of the things I have mentioned here? Let’s chat!

20 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #31

  1. Taika Waititi is the only person that could get away with a concept like JoJo Rabbit. It’s next on my list of films to watch and I think he has the capability of finding and embracing that balance of comedy within a deeper and serious context.

    I was already sold on Late Night, now you’ve just solidified that. I love it when films let things get messy. Those are the moments that make films feel more real and relatable.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Taika is a genius in his own right and truly the only person who could have taken the material Jojo Rabbit is based on and not ruin it with humour, but enhance it.

      Late Night is one of my new faves haha I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, but also hope I haven’t hyped it too much.


  2. I’ve heard so much about JoJo Rabbit but I haven’t seen it yet but I absolutely loved reading your thoughts. When I first heard about it did seem a strange mix of humour in WW2 (then I knew it was Waititi and it made more sense πŸ˜‚) but after seeing clips and hearing things it sounds amazing so I can’t wait to see it!!
    Is that Our Girl with Michelle Keegan?!?! Because I watched the first two seasons (with her in) and I did enjoy it.
    I’m currently watching Avatar and I’m really enjoying it 😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jojo sure has its bizarre moments and maybe the humour can be hit or miss with people, but I think that’s something that all of Taika’s projects have in common. He is a genius, but certainly a brand of his own that not everyone can handle haha I loved the movie though!

      Yep, it’s exactly that Our Girl! I have watched the movie and show when it was still with Lacy Turner and not Michelle, but at this point, Georgie really is my girl. The fourth season (so the third one with Michelle) really wasn’t my favourite, because they kind of ruined Captain James, but this season is WOW. Super personal and emotional again.

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  3. Jojo Rabbit was amazing. Really affected me when I saw it.
    Beyond the normal amount of anime, I finally finished up season 2 of Mindhunter, and I’m making my way through season 3 of Castlevania. I tried to get further into Locke & Key, but got bored and stopped. Hopefully I’ll start on Daredevil and Jessica Jones season 3 after Castlevania, and after that…we’ll see.
    Oh, I’ve also been binge-watching the MCU movies. I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night, and will watch GOTG most likely this coming weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

    • There are so many moments of Jojo Rabbit that are just edged into my brain forever. Also, I was so delighted with Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen’s roles, I did not expect that, because the kiddos had already looked so formidable in the promos.

      Looks like you have a solid watchlist for the upcoming weeks, if not months!


    • CW shows all follow a certain formula, but it works for me haha And Motherland: Fort Salem is getting super intense after only a couple episodes, yet I still don’t know what the big goal of the antagonists is … it’s interesting.


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