Movies and TV Shows for Book Lovers!

I know, I know! Not all of us, but a fair share of us, do have more time to read these days. But does that really mean we are always in the mood for it? I have compiled a list of movies and TV shows that, in my humble opinion, are perfect for book lovers and writers out there. Some are more obvious, others only have a small bookish aspect to it, but I still think they are all worth checking out!



The Words is a story within a story within a story. It explores one man’s guilt as he uses another man’s very personal work, a tale that spans decades and is plastered with broken hearts and an amazing cast. Slowly told, but incredibly moving, if you want to dive into the lives of tortured writers, this is the movie for you!


Everyone knows I am a huge Karen Gillan advocate, so it should come as little surprise that I featured a movie where she portrays a writer, especially a funny one who can only write good books when she is miserable. Is the movie corny and silly? Yes, absolutely! But who doesn’t need something a little lighter and ridiculous every now and then?


Two rival bookstore owners (one independently owned, one chain store) falling in love over the internet? It just doesn’t get old! Just think about it … that movie was released in the late 90s and is still pretty relevant today, barring the outdated technology used. And I simply cannot resist a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks pairing. I just cannot!


Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch were rumoured to be the new Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks pairing for romantic comedies in our day and age (and no, it is absolutely no conincidence that I mentioned this particular movie right after You’ve Got Mail). Now you may wonder, what is the bookish component to all of this? Well, Zoey Deutch’s character is a writer, but she just plain doesn’t have any time for it. She struggles but ultimately manages to produce some garbage, which is still better than never writing at all. Her journey (however small in this movie) is just so relatable.

TV Shows


Younger is one of my absolute favourite TV shows ever and one that is sure to suck you in as well. Having worked in publishing but given up her career for her family, Liza now struggles to get back into the workforce. So, she pretends to be in her 20s even though she is in her 40s. Whether you consider that scenario realistic or not is none of my business, I just really love it. It’s fun, has a great female cast, amazing love interests and is ideal if you aren’t looking for anything too long-formatted (episodes are roughly 25 minutes, so sitcom-length).


Now, it’s pretty obvious I am Canadian at heart and Being Erica is pretty Canadian, so, I felt compelled to share it. This show, too, takes partially place in publishing. Saying that is really a stretch, because this show is about time travelling therapy. Yep, you heard right! I don’t want you to expect any sort of realistic depiction of the publishing world here, I just thought it would be nice to add something totally different to the list. And this sure is different. The first season is available for free on YouTube, so if you want to check it out, you can do so here.


Another big stretch for the topic, but one of the characters is a writer and they are poking some real fun at the Young Adult publishing game. Please don’t take it too seriously, it’s not their actual opinion, but rather their take on being funny. In general, it’s a fun show about how adults really don’t have it all together and how you can grow apart from your closest friends over time.


Again, I added this to give the list some flavor! It’s a reminder that even seemingly charming (although I never quite got the infatuation with Joe … he’s a creep) bookseller can be dangerous. The amount of books mentioned are worth a reading challenge of their own though, so that could be something fun to devise during this time of isolation. Maybe?

Of course, since I added You, I might as well could have added Gilmore Girls too, but this post was getting rather long already. Are you in the need for some new watching material? Have you seen any of the shows or movies mentioned? Let’s chat and stay safe and healthy!

21 thoughts on “Movies and TV Shows for Book Lovers!

  1. I was reminded of a movie I watched recently called Young Adult, where the protagonist is a young adult author (she’s an absolutely terrible person, though).

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  2. Set It Up is appropriate for any occasion and I cannot get over how much I related to Zoey Deutch’s character. It’s like someone plucked every little piece of information they had on me and inserted it into this film. Now, I just need to get myself a Glen Powell type of guy hahaha. You’ve Got Mail is another favourite of mine and my mams. It’s a pure classic.
    Love how you included You in this list. Can’t go wrong with a dose of stalkery murder haha.

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  3. I would recommend watching The Chef. It is about a chef who develops hatred towards a blogger who wrote bad review about his food. The movie depicts the power of writing and blogging. Especially when you have a significantly large audience.

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    • Oh yeah, I know that movie! I worked for the company that distributed that movie in my country at the time and we even tried to get some bloggers to work with us to promote it.
      I hadn’t really thought about any non-bookish but writing related subjects. I also didn’t give it that much importance to be honest, but it’s an interesting suggestion.


  4. Ugh I forgot how much I loved Set It Up, I’m definitely going to re-watch it some time this week. It is such an underratedly good movie! Friends From College is also on my to be watched list.

    Great post as always 🙂

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    • There is never a bad time to rewatch Set It Up, is there? That movie has my heart ❤

      I hope you enjoy Friends from College. I am still sad it ended after only two seasons, but I still enjoyed it.

      Thank youuu ❤

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