Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 1-7)

This hasn’t been my most productive week on the blog, but I have spent my time learning and reading and listening. I hope all of you are well and as safe as can be expected during these times. Let’s talk about some trailers, even though this really wasn’t the week for new releases!


The Short History of a Long Road

I know a lot of people would watch this for Sabrina Carpenter alone and this trailer doesn’t actually show too much.


This is based on a real incident in the porn industry. Also, Nathan with an American accent is so unfamiliar.


Defoe does not do light roles.

American Fighter

I know I said I liked sports movies, but fight ones are not really my thing.

aTypical Wednesday

I heard a rumour that Alison from Umbrella Academy is in this.


I’m not sure I understand anything, but the dancing looks magical.

We Are Freestyle Love Supreme

It’s a documentary.

TV Shows

Lovecraft Country

Posted about this show before, but see no reason as to why not do it again.

The Other One

I think this was actually made in 2017 …

Did you see something you might like to watch? Let’s chat!

3 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 1-7)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Aviva: I don’t think I understood it either. All I know is Aviva is a Hebrew name meaning “spring,” and I heard an Israeli accent somewhere in that trailer. So I guess that’s kind of cool. An Israeli, Jewish dancer is the titular character. You don’t see that every day.
    2. Lovecraft Country: I want to watch it!!!! But I don’t have HBO and I don’t want another bill!

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