Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 8-14)

This was quite the week on the blog! I would like to remind everyone that you have today (Sunday, June 14) to enter in my 7-year-blogiversary giveaway (check out more info here). But now let’s get to the topic at hand, which is trailers!


Bill and Ted 3

This is happening.

Looks that Kill

This is a wild concept, but … producers of Banana Split and Big Time Adolescence as well as the casting and pace … I think I am in?

Feel the Beat

This is like the most basic premise, but I am basic and I like Sofia.


I … I … what am I supposed to say to this? Americans really want in on the Eurovision glory bad? I can’t even tell if this is funny or not.

Wasp Network

Looks cool?


I think Tom Hanks wrote the screenplay for this one.


hmmm … Theo James after Divergent has made strange choices.

Ghost of War

Not my kind of movie.

TV Shows

Little Voices

I think this could be great.

The Luminaries

I’m pretty sure this is based on a book? But I am here for Eva Green and Himesh Patel.

Dark (Season 3)

FINALLY!!! Martha being the Jonas in her universe, the not so subtle hint at Adam and Eve … WTF!? I. AM. READY!

Doom Patrol (Season 2)

I’m behind on a lot of DC content, but I actually started watching this alongside Stargirl.

Mr. Iglesias (Part 2)

I know a couple people who are already really looking forward to this!

Did you see something you would like to watch? Are you excited for any of the releases? Let’s talk!

10 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 8-14)

  1. Dark season 3 looks so freaking good! It’s going to get even more complicated now with multiple universes. I can’t wait for it to come, be confused about what is going on and then mind-blown when things get revealed. πŸ˜‚

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  2. Thoughts:
    1. Bill & Ted 3: It looks…good. And I want to see it now.
    2. Greyhound: Does Tom Hanks ever get tired of doing WWII films?
    3. Ghosts of War: This is my kind of movie. And it’s either going to be really good or just terrible, but I’ll watch it. And You Should Have Left. I could do a double review for them, if I wanted.


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