Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 8-14)

This was quite the week on the blog! I would like to remind everyone that you have today (Sunday, June 14) to enter in my 7-year-blogiversary giveaway (check out more info here). But now let’s get to the topic at hand, which is trailers!


Bill and Ted 3

This is happening.

Looks that Kill

This is a wild concept, but … producers of Banana Split and Big Time Adolescence as well as the casting and pace … I think I am in?

Feel the Beat

This is like the most basic premise, but I am basic and I like Sofia.


I … I … what am I supposed to say to this? Americans really want in on the Eurovision glory bad? I can’t even tell if this is funny or not.

Wasp Network

Looks cool?


I think Tom Hanks wrote the screenplay for this one.


hmmm … Theo James after Divergent has made strange choices.

Ghost of War

Not my kind of movie.

TV Shows

Little Voices

I think this could be great.

The Luminaries

I’m pretty sure this is based on a book? But I am here for Eva Green and Himesh Patel.

Dark (Season 3)

FINALLY!!! Martha being the Jonas in her universe, the not so subtle hint at Adam and Eve … WTF!? I. AM. READY!

Doom Patrol (Season 2)

I’m behind on a lot of DC content, but I actually started watching this alongside Stargirl.

Mr. Iglesias (Part 2)

I know a couple people who are already really looking forward to this!

Did you see something you would like to watch? Are you excited for any of the releases? Let’s talk!

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 8-14)

  1. Dark season 3 looks so freaking good! It’s going to get even more complicated now with multiple universes. I can’t wait for it to come, be confused about what is going on and then mind-blown when things get revealed. πŸ˜‚

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  2. Thoughts:
    1. Bill & Ted 3: It looks…good. And I want to see it now.
    2. Greyhound: Does Tom Hanks ever get tired of doing WWII films?
    3. Ghosts of War: This is my kind of movie. And it’s either going to be really good or just terrible, but I’ll watch it. And You Should Have Left. I could do a double review for them, if I wanted.


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