Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 29-Jul 5)

This week was super busy! My self-imposed art challenge is actually very time consuming, but on top of that, we had a lot of preparations and final details for my grandma’s 80th birthday, which is TODAY! I am glad she enjoyed the day and liked her presents as everyone tried their best with creative input and such. But it also means I once again almost forgot about trailer day, yet here we are. Let’s go!



With a little more context than in the teaser, this seems even more interesting to me.

Love Sarah

Not to be confused with Love Simon. It looks kind of wholesome though.

Upside-Down Magic

I mean, it LOOKS very Disney.

An American Pickle

Pretty sure that’s not how pickle juice works, but okay.

Made in Italy

Liam Neeson really decided to do regular old family dramas without anyone being Taken.

The Tax Collector

I don’t know why, but I like Shia in movies. But I don’t really like gang movies …


I don’t think Nat sounded as menacing as he was supposed to in some parts, but the concept has me intrigued.

The Old Guard

This is already the second trailer for the movie. Not sure you need it.

Before the Fire

If this wasn’t actually set during what seems like a pandemic with a deadly virus, I might actually watch something like it.

Fatal Affair

This has been done before, but as long as people want to watch it, why not?

The Swing of Things

This looks so, so bad. Not even Luke Wilson can save it.

Father Soldier Son

I keep forgetting to post documentaries here …

The Speed Cubers

Here’s another documentary while I am at it.

TV Shows

30 Rock (One-time reunion special)

Sure, everything else is having reunions and reboots too.

Did you see something you’d like to watch on this list? Let’s chat!

5 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 29-Jul 5)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Cursed: Wait, that’s a movie? I thought it was a TV show!
    2. Upside-Down Magic: Disney was like, “We needed to do something with the sets for Descendants, so we’re repurposing them for a Harry Potter ripoff that’ll appeal to the just-started-reading-YA demographic.”


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