Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jul 13-19)

I’ve had sort of a weird week and I can’t exactly say why. Everything just felt a bit off balance, but I love having this constant in my life with the trailer post on Sundays. It just centers everything, so here we go!


Chemical Hearts

Another YA book adaptation for the big screen. This is obviously only a teaser and I haven’t read the book (which got only mediocre ratings from my friends), so, I can’t really tell which way this is gonna go yet.

Words on Bathroom Walls

This trailer possibly gives away a bit much, but at least two of the Robinsons from Lost in Space are in it. That’s interesting to me.

Work It

I just see Keiy with pink hair and John Ambrose and just like that the movie has my undivided attention.

Project Power

I am so in for this one! Something about superpowered humans in the non-superhero fashion is my weakness.

The New Mutants

I have almost started to believe that this movie doesn’t actually exist.


I think I might prefer this if it wasn’t dubbed.

How to Fake a War

So …. Tropic Thunder?

Hard Kill

Looks like a generic enough action film?

The Secret: Dare to Dream

I still have no idea what to think about this … I mean, if it were some magical movie and not based on a self-improvement book …


I see a theme paired with last weeks trailers.

TV Shows

Ted Lasso

This looks hilarious.

The Rain (Season 3)

I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! Can’t believe it’s the finale and during my birthday week no less.

Lucifer (Season 5)

Kind of would have liked to find out that twist on the show itself instead of the trailer?

Malibu Rescue – The Next Wave

I don’t think so.

Filthy Rich

I don’t really care for it?


No thank you.

Did you see something you’d like to watch? Let’s chat!

11 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jul 13-19)

  1. Words on the Bathroom Walls sounds interesting but it does feel like the trailer is revealing a lot. I hadn’t known about the book before so I think I’ll check that out 😀
    Project Power looks like it’s going to be really good and I love Jamie Foxx, it feels like it’s been so long since he was in something big

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  2. Thoughts:
    1. Project Power: It looks interesting.
    2. New Mutants: I heard a rumor that the panel on Thursday is secretly to announce that the film is being released on Hulu or Disney+ like that Cloverfield movie was. I wouldn’t mind that. At this point, I don’t think they’ll get that movie out on time unless they do a digital release.
    3. Coma: Reminds me of a novel idea I had a while back. I still plan to write that story someday.
    4. Lucifer: I was just saying the other day that I wished they’d saved that twist for the actual show! Still, so looking forward to this. I’ll even watch Season 4 again before this comes out.
    5. Chucky: I’ve never been a fan of this franchise, but I may check this out. Who knows? It may improve on the original story a bit. Or it could be crap. Either way, I want a new Friday the 13th story instead!

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