What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #39

I meant to do this earlier, but I then forgot … so, now this post is getting a little long. But I hope you’re looking forward to hearing my thoughts on some shows anyway!

Outer Banks (Season 1)

I think this show released in May and I heard the buzz, but I just wasn’t ready to really dive into it. I, then, watched it all in the span of two days and kept thinking “I’m not sure why this show got so hyped”, but … we are now two weeks later and I still haven’t stopped thinking about it. I keep watching cast videos, have the episodes ready for editing, the script of the pilot and am seriously considering doing my next art series with the characters in mind. So yeah, guess I DO get it after all …

Basically, this show has a treasure hunt, OC-like rich and poor kids in a beach setting, a kind of thriller element with bad guys with guns and a bunch of possible ships. I already mentioned this in my monthly wrap-up, but basically everyone ships these two characters that are like the only ones that haven’t hooked up yet. Their chemistry was on fire! But it’s not just romantic tensions everywhere, the friendships on that show are golden and I don’t mind them actually taking the time to evolve things naturally to another level, if that’s something they want to do. I had a lot of fun and am super curious about the next season (which is confirmed)!

For fans of: the Goonies, the OC, found family

The Umbrella Academy (Season 2)

I didn’t read the comics and I don’t know if they followed them anyway, but I had no idea what this season would look like. There was never really any doubt, but I really enjoyed it again. The characters are just so much fun and unique, it’s great to watch them try to prevent stuff they caused themselves. I have to say that sometimes a couple episodes felt a bit repetitive or slow, but the music choices were killer again and the end always makes up for the slower parts.

If there’s one thing I would criticize, it’s that almost everyone had a love interest (either from the previous season or a new one) and it felt a bit like too much romance sometimes? That could totally just be me, but I noticed it. Also, them not really reflecting on the people they lost in the last season made me sad. Sometimes the characters seem like they just live in this bubble of now, when we darn well know that their past affects them greatly.

I’m obviously not going to spoil anything, but – THE END!!! I wish the next season was already done as well.

For fans of: comic book adaptations, unconventional superheroes, character driven stories

Get Even (Season 1)

Netflix kept recommending this to me over and over again, so I caved and just watched it. It’s not a very long show and I think it was already released on BBC a while ago? Could be wrong about that, but they definitely co-produced it.

The show is about a group of girls who, instead of getting mad, get even. I understand a need for revenge and sneakily wanting to get back at bullies, but I am torn about the message. On the one hand, I don’t want abusers and bad people to get away with what they did, but on the other hand, I don’t think revenge is THE answer.

It was a decent show that definitely set up a future season with a couple relationships not being as explored but rather hinted at so far. Overall it didn’t overwhelm me though, it just whelmed ….

For fans of: don’t get mad – get even, rich kids, outsiders, revenge plots getting out of hand, possible lesbian ship

Control Z (Season 1)

Control Z is Mexican Netflix content and I’d say this show is a mix of Elite, Gossip Girl and You. If that doesn’t make it clear for you, it more or less means that the themes involve hackers that publish secrets, rich vs. poor kids conflicts and also some stalking material.

I binged the entire show in one afternoon/evening, because it was a pretty easy watch. Sometimes those teens felt way over the top and unnecessarily so. Especially in the romance department, there was a lot of instant attraction that I had no idea where it came from? But overall also decent and with a massive cliffhanger in the end – be warned!

For fans of: Elite, Gossip Girl, You, hackers, blackmail, dramatic teens

Banana Split

I wanted to watch this because I thought this was finally a less toxic female friendship that shows how two people who just get each other can be friends despite complicated histories with a guy. Well, it wasn’t exactly that. Still, it’s one of the smarter teen romcoms in terms of emotional complexity, while still having super crude and offensive language? Could be your thing or not, but I liked the way the movie was directed and how it prioritized friendships in the end.

For fans of: smart teen romcoms, friendship > romance

School Life

Sometimes I just randomly watch French content to gauge if I can still understand the language. That’s not to say that I don’t need subtitles, but I generally like French stuff I find on Netflix. I checked out this one in particular, because the main actress was also the lead in Plan Coeur and that’s my favourite French show on Netflix. Anyway, for a school drama about how the system makes it hard for certain kids and how not every teacher cares, there were some amazing shots in there! Transitions and just some scenes as a whole were really cool to watch and I liked it overall a lot.

For fans of: hardships in the French school system in fictional drama form

The Willoughbys

This was a strange movie and the kids wanted to purposely make sure their parents died so that they could be orphans. Granted, their parents were really, really terrible. They abused and neglected their children, but this was (despite the bubbly look) quite dark. I am not sure what age I would really recommend this for?

The final message of finding your family in the people you choose is beautiful though, so there’s always that!

For fans of: animated (dark) family films, “what is family?”-questions

That’s it from me! Have you watched any of those things? Do you want to talk about something? Let’s chat!

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #39

    • With Allison in particular, I am kind of peeved how little they mention her daughter. I’d like to think that getting back to her was more on her mind, but it’s mentioned in passing maybe once or twice at best.

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  1. I’m on ep. 4 of The Umbrella Academy so I still have more than half of the season to watch but as much as I enjoy the humour and the aesthetic, I feel like it’s being repetitive. I also feel like the same story could be told in less episodes. When I get to the end I will let you know how I feel about it (I hardly know anyone who watches it!) but I’m happy to know you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, definitely feels repetitive with going into what every single character went through when they got here and doesn’t want to help Five. It didn’t have the nicest flow, but I liked where it ended, so there’s that haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember watching The Hookup Plan because of your page! Now that makes me want to check out School Life 🙂 My French is basically nonexistent (I speak Haitian Creole so I can sometimes pick up a few words) but I definitely prefer subtitles over dubbing 😀 The Willoughbys looks really interesting, the parents are giving me “A Series of Unfortunate Events” vibes

    Liked by 1 person

    • I watched School Life in French with English subtitles 🙂 I just couldn’t find the ov trailer with subtitles and opted for dubbed one instead. As much as I love Netflix, their dubbing is terrible.
      I totally got that A Series of Unfortunate Events vibe as well! It does have a narrator too and is definitely miserable for the kids for a big part haha

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  3. I have been meaning to watch Outer Banks with a friend, but we haven’t gotten to it yet! Glad to hear it somehow stayed with you after watching, that’s always a good sign 🥰 Plus the show sounds like so much fun! I’ve also yet to watch Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, but I’m excited to see what’s going to happen to everybody 😱

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  4. My brother and I just started season 2 of “Umbrella Academy” and I totally agree with your assessment of the repetitive plotlines. We’ve shouted at the TV, “You’ve done this already!!” more than once already LOL. But that hasn’t stopped us from loving the characters yet, and I do enjoy the added conflict of having them set in a completely different decade. I’m curious to see where it’ll go!

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    • The characters are so worth it and their dynamic is so fun, but the plot wasn’t as overwhelmingly great as I thought it could be. I really liked where the season ended though and am SO looking forward to more.


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