Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 10-16)

I have taken a bit of a break last week, just because my body wasn’t all too fit and it was majorly hot, which made our wifi wonky. All not ideal conditions for blogging, but I hope to be back with a couple more posts soon-ish.


All Together Now

This is gonna make me cry.

Magic Camp

Disney+ really needs to step up its trailer game, cause now this movie is already streaming and no one even knew it existed before.


I want to watch this movie, because this is a duo I didn’t think I’d need, but I want it.

The War with Grandpa

I mean, why not?

The Devil All the Time

I ADORE the cast. Those are all such incredible performers, but I don’t know if this is too dark and disturbing for me. The book it’s based on seemed too much for me.

Freaks – You’re One of Us

I AM HERE FOR IT! A German realistic-ish superhero movie.

Bad Hair

This trailer is genuinely terrifying to me and it totally has A24 vibes.

5 Years Apart

This trailer is SO BAD! Like legit terrible. But I would still watch the movie for Vlamis and Chloe.

American Pie – Girls Rules

How is this still a thing?

TV Shows


It honestly just looks so good.

Million Dollar Beach House

This is Selling Sunset on the East Coast with more male agents than female ones.

Young Wallander

Maybe. I just don’t love crime stuff myself, but I know it’s popular.

Saved by the Bell (Reboot)

I don’t think I want this …


I didn’t watch the movie, so I have no reference for this.

Trinkets (Season 2)

I honestly haven’t seen the first season.

Did you see something you’d like to watch? Let’s chat!

5 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 10-16)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Devil All the Time: I might see this. It does have a great cast, including my celebrity crush Tom Holland, and it does have a lot of elements I go for.
    2. Bad Hair: I’m so here for this!
    3. Saved by the Bell reboot: Who asked for this? Whose idea was this?
    4. MacGruber: I do have reference for this, as I saw some of the original SNL skits the movie was based on. Also, who asked for this? Whose idea was this? And how did it get greenlit?

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