Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 17-23)

Yesterday was part 1 of the DC FanDome, which means you can look forward to me sharing all the trailers and teasers that were presented there. It mostly focused on the movie universe and will deal with the TV universe in September, so, just a heads up about that! Enjoy all trailers, not just DC stuff of course!


The Batman

Pattinson just being out there proving to everyone that he can definitely take on this mantle.

Black Adam

This is more of a vision board idea for the movie, but okay.

Wonder Woman 1984

I love the funny bits with Chris Pine.

Suicide Squad 2

My expectations for this are SO low, but it doesn’t look bad at all.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut

I’ve heard that HBO Max will release this in four 1-hour-installments … why?

Death on the Nile

I’m kind of into them continuing this as a movie series with Kenneth as Poirot.

Enola Holmes

This actually looks more interesting than I thought it would be.

On the Rocks

I like this. A lot.

Love, Guaranteed

This is such a hallmark-style romance movie.


Honestly … I am just confused?

Eternal Beauty

I feel like there’s going to be some very interesting use of color in this one.

Teenage Badass

Very indie movie … but not in a bad way.


Catfishing is never a good idea.

The Argument

This feels like it could be a play instead.

Tom of Your Life

Is this like an indie take on Benjamin Button?


I find dementia stories hard to watch.

The Binge

This is a parody on The Purge … isn’t it?


Netflix pulled the original poster art for this movie, because it was too sexualising, but I ain’t gonna forget that they made a movie about 11 year olds twerking but pulled two shows from their roster that had already been greenlit for another season.

Let Him Go

Could be interesting.

Death of Me

So creepy and confusing.

The 24th

I just don’t like military or history movies very much …

The Secrets We Keep

Well … this is intense.

TV Shows


This just hits different during Covid.

The Duchess

I mean … either you like Katherine Ryan or you don’t and that’s just it.

The Flash (Season 7)

I’ve stopped watching a while ago, but stan Candice Patton! She’s the best.

Baby (Season 3 Date Announcement)

Y’all know I’ve been waiting for this!

What are you most looking forward to watching on this list? Let’s chat!

8 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Aug 17-23)

  1. I have lots of thoughts:
    1. The Batman: Oh, this excites me in so many ways. Bring…it…ON!
    2. Black Adam: I wish they would’ve showed us more than concept sketches too. Though I do love hearing Johnson’s baritone. It’s awesome.
    3. WW84: Yes, please! And soon! I was supposed to see this for my birthday, and COVID-19 ruined that!
    4. Suicide Squad: Let’s hope that many celebrities and James Gunn are enough to make a good movie.
    5. Justice League: Snyder Cut: God, HBO is doing everything in its power to make me want to get HBOMax. A few more shows/movies that I can’t get any other way, and I might just.
    6. Death on the Nile: Liked the first one, so I’m eager for the second one. Even if I haven’t met any of the cast members this time around, lol.
    7. Enola Holmes: Looks interesting, but I just want to say, my friend Angela MIsri wrote a series around Holmes’s granddaughter, and that’s pretty good as well.
    8, Cuties: No. Just no.
    9. Death of Me: Creepy and confusing is a good way to sum it up.
    10. The Secrets We Keep: Intense, indeed. Though I have seen other iterations of this storyline before, most recently in an episode of Evil.

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    • batman really looks far better than i anticipated.
      they just haven’t started filming Black Adam yet, but they had to show something for DC FanDome, so I understand their choice.
      WW84 I am weirdly not that pumped for it, but it looks fun enough.
      I have no faith in Suicide Squad, cause the cast did ZERO for the first movie. That trailer was better than the movie.
      HBO is going for the full cash grab by splitting it into parts. I don’t like it one bit.
      who have you met from Murder on the Orient Express?
      Enola Holmes is based on a popular YA book series. But there are loads and loads of Sherlock inspired stories with descendants or different imaginings or family members out there.


  2. I heard about Cuties and I was so mad but it turns out that Netflix was the one that marketed the film terribly. The director is Somali (I think) and she made the film to speak out against the oversexualization of young girls but Netflix made the film seem like it was actually sexualizing the girls. It’s really messed up

    Love, Guaranteed looks like it would be a fun (but probably forgettable) movie and I’ll probably end up checking it out 🙂

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