Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sep 7-13)

I am currently reading a lot more than I have in past months and I am relishing the way I enjoy it again. It really comes and goes in waves, but you have to appreciate that hunger for words when it’s there. Good books will thankfully do that! Anyway, you are here for trailers though, so let’s dive in!



Well … this is gonna make people cry.


Did not expect to like this, but it looks like such a fun take on the Freaky Friday concept paired with slasher.


Rebecca is such a classic, I’m not sure it needed a remake. But I DO like the cast a lot and it’s gonna be on Netflix, so, I’ll probably watch it.


It looks EPIC. This is supposedly covering about the first half of the book.

A Teacher

I do not like how romanticized this premise looks … at all.

Hubie Halloween

I know Adam Sandler is a comedy legend, but I just … don’t like his stuff … or only very rarely.

The Comeback Trail

Ha – that cast!


Looks like a decent indie movie.

Dating Amber

Isn’t that the guy from Normal People? Not the main guy, but the other guy?

Save Yourselves

This looks like a fun indie scifi movie.

Yellow Rose

This is a music movie and I couldn’t help but think of Wild Rose.

The Playbook

Documentary of the week.

I Am Greta

Also documentary of the week!

TV Shows


This is apparently the final trailer, so I thought I’d share it.


Why am I not even surprised they made a show about this?

The Spanish Princess (Part 2)

I … didn’t even know they were continuing on with this.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father (Season 4)

Do I even need to say anything?

Did you see something you’d like to watch on here? Let’s chat!

7 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sep 7-13)

  1. On the fence on seeing Freaky, and I have no interest in Dune. However, on that movie, I have a feeling we’re going to get a reaction similar to the Dark Tower movie: hardcore fans of the source material are going to hate the liberties taken with it, and casual moviegoers will think it’s okay.


    • Respectfully, I have to completely disagree with the comparison of Dark Tower and Dune here. Even from trailers alone, you could always tell that Dark Tower was going to be mediocre, while Dune looks positively epic. I think that there’s always gonna be a difference between the source material and the on screen representation, but Denis Villeneuve wasn’t happy with the previous Dune film and wanted to do it right. This is his passion project and I think it will attract a large group of people, whereas Dark Tower flopped massively.


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