Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sep 28-Oct 4)

I found my way back to the classic editor and am all the happier for it! Anyway, this is all about trailers, so let’s get to it without much chitchat!



If this movie doesn’t get a bunch of awards, I am going to be so mad!

The Witches

Don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen the original, so I don’t know how it compares, but I think it looks neat.

The Craft 2: Legacy

The thing is … this isn’t supposed to appeal to the people who loved the Craft? It’s supposed to get new people into the fold, who are too young to watch the og one?


These Netflix romcoms are so ridiculous.

Vampires vs. the Bronx

I kinda like it.

The True Adventures of Wolfboy

He just looks so strange, but this could be so sweet.

Echo Boomers

I mean … it doesn’t look great.

My Salinger Year

Meh, it’s indie.


Mogul Mowgli

Another Riz movie!


Madelaine really just does horror movies when she’s not on Riverdale, huh?


This is not an adaptation of Octavia E Butler’s book.

His House

I don’t do horror, but here you go.


All the scary stories this week.

1 Night in San Diego

I haven’t seen Jenna Ushkowitz in ages.


This is not my kind of field.

Borat 2

Why? I didn’t like any of the movies he did in character …

Between the World and Me

This book was so enlightening to me.

TV Shows

Social Distance

I feel like I want to escape the pandemic and not be reminded of it, but also find these projects interesting.

Big Sky

Happy for any and all Kylie Bunbury content I can get.

Someone Has to Die

The dancing scenes seem divine.

Cobra Kai (Season 3)

I don’t watch this?

The Connors (Season 3)

And neither this one.

Black-ish (Season 7)

I have nothing really to say?

Did you see something on here you’d like to watch? Let’s chat!

3 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Sep 28-Oct 4)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Witches: I read the original book and I’ve seen the original movie. They’re both really good. But I have high hopes for this. May even get HBO Max to watch it (though I’m still soliciting opinions on the service).
    2. The Craft Legacy: I have the same reservations as you. And I got bored with the first one, so I think I’ll skip the second one.
    3. Vampires vs. The Bronx: Too silly for me.
    4. Sightless: Kind of reminds me of Rear Window in terms of subject matter. Also, every time I’ve seen Alexander Koch in something, he’s played some sort of villain. I wonder if they’ll break the trend here.
    5. Kindred: Looks interesting. And I usually like Fiona Shaw when I see her in something.
    6. Spell: Looks like Misery with voodoo. Also, way to go with all the scary stuff!
    7. His House: Looks like it could be bad, but I’ll see it anyway.
    8. Borat 2: I only watched 45 minutes of the original and found it painful. I will not see this, though my dad might. He saw the first one in theaters twice (though I don’t think it’s because he liked the film).

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    • I just really have no connection to the Witches whatsoever, so I am a blank slate for that one.
      I didn’t voice any reservations concerning the Craft? I just said that I think it’s not made for fans of the OG movie, but that is neither me saying I do or don’t like the look of it. I mentioned that, because all I saw online when the trailer dropped was middle-aged people complaining about it, whereas teens said it seemed interesting.
      the casting of alexander koch is what ruined the “twist” on Lucifer for me. I just knew he wasn’t gonna be the peachy and nice boyfriend.
      It’s the spooky season, and scary trailers is like all that’s on the platforms, so, I felt obliged to share.


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