Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 26-Nov 1)

Hope you all had a spooky and safe Halloween (if that is something you tend to celebrate). I just stayed in and watched some movies and played Sims. Sometimes that’s just all you need. Today we will take a look at trailers though. Let’s go!


Love, Weddings & Other Disasters

I appreciate the similarities to my blog name (and the movie Love and other Disasters).

The Stand In

I haven’t seen Drew Barrymore in anything for ages, but I’d watch this!


This is the David Bowie movie.

The Midnight Sky

Looks VERY interesting!


WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? That freaky mirror was boarded up for a reason.


WHO GREENLIT THIS MOVIE!? Worst. decision. ever. Literally no one needs a movie about an insane pandemic during a pandemic!

The White Tiger

That got darker than I thought it would.

Lowdown Dirty Criminals

I was like SO sure that the voice was that of Taika Waititi, but no!


Not my thing.

What Lies Below

Looked like a basic creep story, but they are heavily implying he isn’t human.

Rose Island

It says it’s based on a true story, but I don’t remember this. When was this?

Trial 4

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Selena: The Series

Selena will forever be a legend.

Two Weeks to Live

I like the mix of humour and thriller.

Saved by the Bell (Reboot)

I’m not loving it, but it looks better than the first promo.

Virgin River (Season 2)


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 4 Date Announcement)

Is it strange that I am glad this is the final season?

The Crown (Season 4)

I can’t speak to this as I’ve not watched the show.

Did you see something on here you’d like to watch? Let’s talk about it!

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 26-Nov 1)

  1. sighs am I the only one getting bored with all these reboots. Saved by the Bell was not need.

    The Midnight Sky does look very interesting and it’s been so long since I’ve seen Clooney on the screen so I welcome his return.

    So many people tell me to watch The Crown, but I’m honestly not interested in it at all. I’ve no doubt the performances are phenomenal, but I’m just not in the mood for royalty drama.

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    • I really don’t need the Saved by the Bell reboot either and even though I love MPG, I highly doubt I will check it out.

      I think Clooney didn’t just star in The Midnight Sky but also directed it.

      So feel you on the Crown! I haven’t felt the slightest draw to that show, not even when Matt Smith was still on it.


  2. Thoughts:
    1. Parallel: Looks great, but every Google search I do says this film is from 2018, and that’s it. Why can’t I find more, like a release date?
    2. Songbird: When did they find time to film this, let alone put out a trailer for it? Also, no! I can understand The Last of Us 2, but this? Way too close to home and doesn’t give us the cathartic sense of control we need.
    3. The White Tiger: Yeah, that did get dark.
    4. Girl: Looks violent.
    5. What Lies Below: Ooooh!
    6. Saved by the Bell: Still not sure who asked for this.
    7. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: I know what I’m doing New Year’s Eve!

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  3. I wish they kept the original title of the book – “Good Morning, Midnight” and not simply “The Midnight Sky”. The cinematography there looks gorgeous. But, frankly, I never know how to feel about George Clooney either directing or starring in films. On the one hand, I bet he wants to be taken for this very serious director and actor (Ben Affleck did it all in Argo after all!) but on the other, he remains….well – “George Clooney”. His previous directed films had very big ideas, but were a bit far from what one will call a great film, and he is unlikely to shake off his past ludicrous filmography, with his attraction to sci fi (Gravity, Solaris, etc.) unlikely to help in future.


    • I didn’t even realize that The Midnight Sky was based on a book, but I’ve seen a lot of changed titles where I live, so I am desensitized maybe.
      I actually don’t really have that much of an opinion on Clooney as a director, but I do think he has a certain something that spells quality when he attaches himself to a project.


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