Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 2-8)

What a week it has been for me! I am glad I had these two posts from earlier this week scheduled, because otherwise it would have been really quiet on here. We shall see how I will fare in the coming days. But now on to what we are here for on Sundays – Trailers! Although be warned, there’s not much …


LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Gotta admit that the Lego movies aren’t really my thing.

Let Him Go (Featurette)

I want to watch this.

The Ride

I mean … that dude does not look like he still goes to high school, but the story has potential.

Funny Boy

There’s a lot of stories with tragic backgrounds this week.

The Killing of Two Lovers

Sometimes a simple trailer is better.

All Jokes Aside

“There’s two people in the world – funny people and happy people. You can’t be both!” – interesting take!

Sweet Parents

This could potentially be nice?

My Summer as a Goth

I’m not sure … I just don’t buy into the delivery of some of the lines.

TV Shows


It looks fantastic. I just have to hope that it’s not dragged out endlessly.

Over Christmas

I still can’t over the fact that Luke Mockridge made a Christmas-themed show for Netflix (he’s a super famous comedian in the German speaking areas and usually very busy with shows on TV and live and the only fictional show he did, well, it was with his parents and he basically played himself).


I don’t really see a need for this show.

Did you see a trailer or promo for something you’d like to watch? Let’s talk!

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