What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #46

I really enjoy letting you in on all the nonsense I watch, so I hope you continue to like these posts as well! Fact is, it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever slow down in terms of all the stuff I’m watching, so … you might just have to deal with more content like this.

Love & Anarchy (Season 1)

I did not want to be on board with this show, because something inside of me just did not feel right rooting for two people to get together like that. Even the age difference aside, which everyone has their own opinion on anyway, the obvious cheating just really isn’t something I enjoy. They were reckless for the sake of being reckless! But then …

This show wasn’t about romance and cheating and office affairs. In the end, it really was about mental health, what it means to be labeled “crazy”, what people you surround yourself with and whether some relationships are healthy or downright toxic. I did not expect to go it in that direction at all, but it gave it so much more depth and while I still cringed a lot, I was actually very curious about that aspect.

For fans of: Scandinavian Netflix stuff, a guy who looks very much like Bill Skarsgard as a romantic lead

The Queen’s Gambit (Season 1)

Originally, I did not intend to watch this show. When things are set in the past, I often get bored and while the cast was intriguing … I did not think chess was really the topic to get me going. BUT I was wrong. My friends were so enthusiastic about it though (yes, sometimes I do listen to other people when it comes to TV. Rarely, but it does happen), I had no choice but to give it a shot.

I still stand by the claim that the show is a bit boring in some parts. Especially in the middle, certain elements were dragged out and there’s a lot of exposition and repetition of certain elements. However, that aside, Beth was a fascinating character and I was never more interested in chess than after watching that show. I especially appreciated how everyone got over the fact that she was a woman super quickly in favor of appreciating her skill at the game. Loved that! I also adored how there was no apparent bad guy in the end, everyone just wanted to win at a game and it was very respectful.

For fans of: chess, the cast, only moderate sexism even though it’s a historic setting

Dash & Lily (Season 1)

I’ve stated so many times how much I loved the book that was Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, I was super pumped for this adaptation. To my surprise, it was actually an 8-episode-show though instead of the movie I thought it to be. It was really fine though, because the more content the better.

At this point in time, I have already watched the show twice and might watch it again. It brought the spirit for me, was cute and quick and adorable. It turns out, I forgot all about the book though and only retained the memory of how it made me feel. Now that I have started reading the sequels, I have a feeling that the Netflix show was fairly faithful but improved on certain aspects. So, a general big thumbs up from me.

If you are a very keen watcher, you will also find a reference for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which I just LOVED! (Blink and you’ll miss it, but it is there in episode 3)

For fans of: cute and fluffy teen romance with a generous sprinkle of Christmas

Operation Christmas Drop

Look, I am well aware that these type of Netflix Christmas movies are super cheesy and Hallmark-esque. This time, the cast was just too endearing not to check it out and I have no regrets. Operation Christmas Drop is definitely one of the better Christmas movies out there. The generosity and real life aspect of it is so charming and while I am sure it’s not all Santa’s laugh and elf giggles in actual life all the time, I loved this little reprieve. Not every cheesy movie is able to evoke an emotional reaction from me.

For fans of: cheesy Christmas romances, but set it on an island and emotional due to real life stuff

The Mandalorian (Season 1)

I’m gonna keep this very short: It will forever be beyond me how a dude with a helmet and a puppet can convey emotions and story so effortlessly, but it just works! I know exactly the kind of facial expression the Mandalorian has at almost any given point in time, but maybe it is that ability for us to project on to him that makes it so special. Either way, I am glad I caught up in time for season 2, even though the weekly release is killing me. I much prefer to binge.

Also, I never watched Clone Wars, so, initially I had no clue why everyone was freaking out so much recently (as of right now, chapter 11 is out), but I googled up on the matter and – it’s pretty freaking cool!

For fans of: Star Wars lore, space cowboys

Did you watch any of these? Are you starting to get into the holiday spirit with your watchlist? Let’s chat!

10 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #46

  1. Mandaloran – Love it!. Me, I’m glad it’s once a week. I just can’t binge, but I like knowing enough do that they can tell me a series is worth watching. I will, however, not go for Christmas romances. Blah. Thanks!

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    • Hahaha totally fair enough! To each their own. While I am not someone who has to watch all the Christmas content, I like to make exceptions based on the cast and no regrets so far this year (well, except for Holidate. That was terrible in every single way)


  2. I’ve become intrigued by The Queen’s Gambit because of all the hype as well & might give it a shot! Originally, I wasn’t interested as chess didn’t sound that interesting to me 😄 I’m also SO happy to hear that you liked the Dash & Lily Show!! I’m so excited to watch it in December 🥰

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  3. My brother keeps telling me to watch The Queen’s Gambit. Admittedly, I thought it was a movie at first haha. I wasn’t planning on watching it, but my curiosity is slowly getting the better of me. The fact that the show focuses on chess is intriguing.

    Dash and Lily just look adorable. That’s gonna be my festive countdown watch. I’m ready for all the festive feels.

    I need to catch up on the Mandalorian. I don’t know much about the show in general and I’ve never been a die-hard Star Wars fan, but it looks compelling enough to get my interest.

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    • I was not interested in Queen’s Gambit at first at all, but it was interesting. And from what I heard from chess nerds, it’s actually a really good depiction of chess competitions.

      Dash and Lily was EVERYTHING! You’ll be done so quickly. My friend said she’d watch two episodes and then she binged the whole thing in one sitting. My mom wanted to do the same and she never binges.

      The Mandalorian really lived up to the hype for me. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan either, but this show works for me.


  4. I love the Mandolorian! Me and my boyfriend watch it religiously lol 😂 we even renamed it the baby Yoda show because that’s really all I watch it for. I mean i love the story don’t get me wrong, but Baby Yoda is the thing that keeps me watching lol

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  5. Oh interesting and good to know that love and anarchy wasn’t really about cheating, but about mental health. Beth was a fascinating character! I really liked it too! Agree that it’s good there wasn’t a bad guy! Curious about mandalorian and christmas drop too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean, cheating is still a heavily featured plot point and one that’s not very filled with remorse. But there is a very big plotline about “being crazy”.
      Christmas Drop is the good kind of cheesy haha


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