Thursday Movie Picks: Adaptations

In these final weeks of the year, I decided I might want to try and join in on the Thursday Movie Picks feature. This series is hosted by Wandering through the Shelves and offers you a weekly prompt to post some movie recommendations/talking points according to the theme. Usually, you are supposed to post about 3-5 examples, which I thought was doable since I started watching more movies this year and am always looking for new and fun ideas to incorporate on my blog! (Better late than never, eh?)

This week’s theme is adaptations! I feel like I am known for having a weird love for movie tie-ins for my books, so, I think I should have no problem naming some good movies. I might even try ones where I liked the movie BETTER than the book.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I did not like this book. Something about the main character was just so massively irking that I disliked the whole thing because of it. However, when the movie came around, I was utterly charmed by it and I definitely cried. Cause it’s sad. That needs to be said!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I wouldn’t necessarily say the movie is better than the book, but I do believe that the movie made a lot of people aware of its source material. It was just so cute and sweet, people wanted to know more and that even though it already had a huge following in the book community.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

My love for the book and the movie run equally as deep. They don’t focus on the same aspects and change a couple things, which is only natural considering the time constraint of movies. It still gives me a warm feeling inside and makes me want to find love on a remote island.

Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth is based on the actual diaries of Vera Brittain, so, to say that she didn’t write well would be hugely unfair. Her diaries cover so many years and are in great detail, which just means it’s a lot. I think the adaptation manages to comprise that convoluted source material really well and doesn’t lose the personal aspect and emotion at all.

Honorary Mention: Little Women

It would be unfair to judge this in comparison with the book, because I have not read it. But Little Women is one of my favourite movies of this year (because yes, I have only watched it in 2020) and I would not want to miss this specific version of the tale ever again.

What are some of your favourite adaptations (be it from book, comic or game to screen – all is fair game!)? What did you think of my picks? Would you like me to continue with this series?

8 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Adaptations

  1. One of my favorite book-to-film adaptations is 2019’s The Color Out of Space. It starts out kinda funny but in the end turns out to be truly terrifying! I also like 2013’s Carrie and 2017’s IT. And of course, too many comic book movies to count.

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  2. Omg I still haven’t watched The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society movie adaption 😅 I don’t even know why because I loved the book so much and the adaption looks great 😱 However, I have just started watching the Dash & Lily TV Show with a friend 🥰

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  3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has got to be my all time favourite adaptation. They perfectly captured the spirit of the novel and the soundtrack is just legendary.

    I adored The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society movie, after you so graciously recommended it to me. I’m curious to see how it compares to the books, but who doesn’t love Dawsey.

    I love seeing this prompt on your blog. I think it’s such a fun concept for movie lovers.

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    • I had a feeling the Lord of the Rings trilogy would come up. I always feel like an outlier, because I am not really that interested in it overall haha

      I think the book was better than the Guernsey movie in many aspects, but I don’t want to spoil anything. And obviously, they did the best they could with the time constraint of a movie and the fact that the book is made up only of letters.

      I saw it on a couple friends posts and thought it would fit on here too. Let’s see if I actually stick to it haha


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