What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #50

So, here it is, my last update on what I’ve been watching in the year of 2020. I really tried to pack in as much as possible, but some things just didn’t fit in (e.g. I only made it halfway through the final season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina so far). Now, I honestly have to say that I am rethinking this format a little bit. I’ll likely always watch as much, but to continue the numbering will be … interesting, as we are so high by now. I am open for title suggestions!

Bridgerton (Season 1)

Bridgerton is based on a book that I have not read and cannot make a comparison to, but I enjoyed my binge of the show very much. It’s not without fault and I can see certain moments being problematic even, but this is basically Gossip Girl during regency times. (I hope we all know that the people in GG were not it)
I liked that they changed history and did not mean to completely portray the reality from back then. Instead they put people of color in ruling positions and honestly, why not? Also, I thought it was funny that the showrunners called this season “the education of Daphne Bridgerton”, because she really does have her sexual awakening. Be aware of many sex scenes!

For fans of: Gossip Girl in regency times

Hilda (Season 2)

I don’t often talk about animated shows, so, I just wanted to make sure that I include the ones I actually really enjoy. I like the Scandinavian vibes of Hilda and how it explores family and friendship packed into fun magical adventures. Simple as that.

For fans of: cute animation

We Can Be Heroes

This is not a serious recommendation or anything. I haven’t even seen Lavagirl and Sharkboy in full, so I am not even a fan of that movie to justify watching the sequel, but Pedro Pascal. As a dad. That’s my weakness.
Maybe, if I was a kid, I would have enjoyed it more, but it’s tacky and over the top and not exactly acted very well. I can’t blame them, cause they are kids and that is totally okay. It had fun bits. But it was also ridiculous.

For fans of: Lavagirl and Sharkboy, Pedro Pascal as a dad

Wonder Woman 1984

I wanted to like this so much, but I only found it mediocre. The thing is, there’s no way the movie had to be two and a half hours long. It also felt tonally different in the first and the second half and I much preferred the first.
It’s hard to explain, because I understood the motives of the villains. I completely got the point of the sacrifices that were made. I definitely think I comprehended the message they were trying to convey, but … I just didn’t buy it. While Diana had some great and frankly emotional scenes, I also just didn’t buy into others. Some things were resolved too quickly, others left in the air. I don’t know if I just expected too much.

For fans of: Wonder Woman, Pedro Pascal as a dad

The Midnight Sky

This movie did not need to be more than two hours long. Aside from the storyline seeming very familiar to anyone who has watched any movies set in space as of late, there was just a legit 10 minutes of the crew repairing a ship. I do not need to see that for such a long time and it might have felt more dynamic and engaging with a different cut. On top of the predictability and length, it was just very choppy, with three different storylines finding their way together. The “solution” to their problem didn’t even make sense to me in the end. There’s no way I would recommend this as a worthwhile watch.

For fans of: space movies, slow pace, George Clooney as director and actor

Sylvie’s Love

Jazz enthusiast will surely love the soundtrack of this movie. It was beautiful and warm and such a nice watch. Obviously, the cast is top notch. The styles incorporated fit the decades depicted so well and all the costumes are to die for.
It has an “old Hollywood” kind of vibe, but with a black cast that might not have been able to see themselves in a sincere love drama like this back in the day. I fully support this revival of something that felt a bit old-fashioned, but I also have to say that it had its lengths. While I am sure people will fall under the spell of the impeccable mood depicted, the story stilted sometimes and some moments felt too planned and/or convenient for the narrative.

For fans of: anyone on the cast, jazz, music, sweet love stories that span decades


Soul is just a really lovely, inspirational movie. All criticism, especially that black characters either get turned into animals or blobs for the majority of movies, is completely valid, but I also enjoyed myself so very much. The music was fantastic, everything was jazz-infused. I loved the animation style that made so many objects and lighting situations feel so realistic. I really don’t know what else to say other than this was a work of art and is definitely worth the watch.

For fans of: lovely heartfelt animation movies, Pixar

Have you watched any of the show or movies above? Do you plan to? What are some of the last things you binged in 2020?

15 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #50

  1. I’m still working my way through Bridgerton, but I’m enjoying it for the most part. The Regency era was right before the Victorian era, so it kinda scratched an itch for me while I edit my Victorian Gothic novel. Also, I did some research into its casting. The show does exaggerate the number of and acceptance of black British subjects, but there were some black British citizens and even noblemen and women. And hell, there is a theory that Queen Charlotte was mixed-race through one of her Portuguese ancestors. Who’d have thought?
    And I actually liked WW84. Yeah, it’s long, but I had a lot of fun with it. And I think Kristen Wiig makes a great action star.


    • I think history was never as whitewashed as it is portrayed in mainstream media, which is why I am always glad to see some diversity. I simply do not understand all those people complaining about the casting.
      I didn’t say that I didn’t like WW84, I just found it lackluster and again, too long. I do have an issue with everything being 2+ hours these days. If I want to watch something for a longer period of time, I watch a TV show.


  2. I have to agree with you on Wonder Woman. It was unnecessarily long, and even goofy at times, like a cartoon, and I didn’t really buy anyone’s acting ^^’ I’m not Wonder Woman’s #1 fan either, but the first movie was very good and solid so I was expecting it to be…not cartoonish at all ^^’ Also, I’m tempted about checking out Bridgerton.


    • I don’t mind sprinkles of humour and not everything has to be doom and gloom, but when Diana was giving that speech to everyone towards the end … I felt nothing and that’s never good.


  3. Wonder Woman was disappointing for me too, I love the first movie, but this one was just meh. And I don’t get why Steve had to come back in someone else’s body? Glad to see him again, he could have just come back in his own body, instead of taking over a random guy.
    Bridgerton was amazing! I love the casting. The show is definitely better than the first book, but now I’m reading the second book (because it’s a long wait for the second season) and I’m enjoying it a lot.


    • I think the taking over of the random guy was another “catch” from the dreamstone. You never get things the way you want them, like the guy who wished for a farm, but just got cows in front of his apartment complex. And his return in general was necessary, I suppose, because it truly was the only thing Diana cared for. But still … the movie was not as glorious as it could have been.
      I don’t think I will pick up the Bridgerton books, but I am happy to hear you are enjoying the sequel so far! I am all here for Anthony and Kate next season, if that’s what they choose to do. Although, I do wonder if they really will do one sibling per season or make them melt together a little bit.

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