Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 28-Jan 3)

Just in case you are one of the lovely people who visits my blogs to get their fill of trailers only, I wish you all a happy new year! (I don’t think I actually said that in any of my posts these past days yet … I was too busy talking about 2020. Only TWO more posts about that dreaded year to come and then I will move on too).

I am afraid there’s once again not very many new trailers, seems like companies didn’t feel like banking on people’s attention between the years. Here’s what I found anyway.


The Human Voice

It’s too arthouse for me, but Almodovar in that community. I think this is the first time he worked with an English language lead.


I love that they made this absurd on purpose, but act so seriously.

TV Shows

The Netflix Afterparty

I mean, I didn’t need this, but I bet some people will enjoy it.


SO pumped. There’s currently a poll on twitter, which you should feel free to participate in, about whether I should do weekly reviews for this show. (The way I used to for Doctor Who back in the day)

Superman & Lois

I honestly find it very hard to muster any kind of enthusiasm for this show.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Season 2)


Did you see something on here you like? Let’s talk! 

7 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 28-Jan 3)

  1. Last year, the only new MCU content we had was the final season of Agents of SHIELD (and that one’s place in the MCU is tenuous at best). I’m hoping that WandaVision is the first of many releases. And I. Am. PSYCHED!


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