Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 18-24/2021)

I am glad there are more trailers again than there were around the turn of the year. Let’s hope all those things will actually release in 2021 (or for whenever they are planned at the moment). Here’s the trailers I found!


Hero Dog: The Journey Home

Will they ever stop making these dog-centric movies?


This movie looks fire. I know a lot of people will watch this because of Pop Smoke.

Space Sweepers

Looks like it’s gonna be epic.

Boss Level

It’s a groundhog day action movie.


Could be interesting and it has Vinnie from Dickinson in it.

Young Hearts

These kids actually look like kids.

School’s Out Forever

Eh …

Squared Love

The dubbing (and her wig) is so bad.

The Day of the Woman

Not a single word is uttered. I don’t even know what country this film is from.

Dara of Jasenovac

This is a potentially very triggering movie about WWII atrocities. Please beware!

You Will Die at Twenty

Trying to get some foreign Oscar contenders in this post.

True Mothers

This is going to be so tragic.

TV Shows

The Luminaries

Seems like my kind of show. (The trailer is so much better than the UK one they had last year?)


It looks super well made, but I just don’t think it’s for me.


It could be super cool, but it looks like something NBC will cancel before we get any answers.

Sky Rojo

From the creators of Money Heist/Casa de Papel should be enough of an info to potentially watch it.

Superman & Lois

I am mad that this looks good and cinematic, because I don’t want to watch the show or see it super successful after they fired a black female writer because she voiced concerns about MeToo jokes in the script as well as lack of diversity. Also, do we really need more Superman?

Euphoria (Special Episode Part 2)

I haven’t watched Rue’s episode, but the trailer for this one has me feeling so many things already.

Which of the things mentioned in the post would you like to watch? Let’s chat!

6 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 18-24/2021)

  1. ‘Space Sweepers’ is a maybe. Looks kinda kiddy.

    ‘Boss Level’ looks like fun. Glad there’s not a lot of Mel in it.

    A lot of these look kinda grim.

    ‘Luminaries’ looks interesting.

    ‘Sky Rojo’ looks like over the top sex and violence.

    Not a big Superman fan and I’m not surprised to hear about more Hollywood hypocrisy associated with it.

    Happy Trails!

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  2. Thoughts:
    1. Hero Dog: No, they’ll never stop with dog movies. Never.
    2. Space Sweepers: Looks like a ton of fun!
    3. Boss Level: Seems cliched, but I’m kind of into it.
    4. Dara of Janasovec: God, this looks dark and I want to check it out.
    5. True Mothers: Tragic sounds right.
    6. Possessions: Hey, my people are in this! A thriller with Jewish people. Sounds interesting.
    7. Debris: Yeah, it’s probably going to be canceled. Either that, or it’s going to go on long after it should have ended and get way too convoluted.

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