Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 8-14/2021)

I was just gonna ignore it, since I am not celebrating, but in case anyone would like to hear it anyway – happy Valentine’s day! Now on to what this post is really about, the trailers! Since I don’t want to do any Kiss, Marry, Kill posts either this year, you will have to just stick to the old ones I did.


Yes Day

I know this is a movie and it won’t go terribly awry, but in real life, I do believe this would end with someone at the hospital.


This looks insane in a good way?


YES! My Berlin roommate worked on this and it got selected for the Berlinale and I am so proud!! She and her husband are really doing some amazing work.

The Vault

The way I have trouble seeing Freddie as anyone other than the Good Doctor at the moment.

Fast 9

I am always surprised this franchise is still going. I mean, it hasn’t been about cars for a long time.


Odenkirk looks so badass in this.


Alex Wolff + M Night Shyamalan + horror = works well together

Just Say Yes

Looks trashy, but like it could be fun?

The Misadventures of Hedi and Cokeman

I’m not sure this is my kind of humour, but people in the comments seem to laugh.

A Writer’s Odyssey

Has an epic look to it.

Test Pattern 

There’s something sinister going on with that background music.


I don’t think I am up for these kind of thrillers

Stealing School

It could have some interesting twists still.

Boss Level

I feel like I shared this trailer already, but back then it hadn’t been acquired by hulu yet? Maybe I’m wrong.

TV Shows

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

I already did a Twitter poll and it’s decided that I will do weekly reviews/recaps like I am currently doing for WandaVision once this airs. I do believe the show will be more straight forward and that there will be less to analyze, but yeah, still doing it.


I think it looks like it could be good. Yes, it’s along the lines of Euphoria, but also made by HBO, so they wouldn’t do the same thing twice at the same time. Also, is Euphoria not just a Gen Z skins?


It looks so good and the fact that none of these actors are faces from Hollywood I recognise makes it feel all the more real and. this. will. destroy. me.

Waffles + Mochi

Why not?

For All Mankind (Season 2 Featurette)

I think I’d like this show, but Apple TV+ content, while super good, is often heavy. So, it’s a mood thing.

Outlander (Season 6 now in production)

I think I haven’t watched the past 2 seasons.

Is there something mentioned here you would like to watch? Let’s talk!

6 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 8-14/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Vault: Looks like The Italian Job with more emphasis on comedy.
    2. Old: I’m interested. However, I raise an eyebrow when they say “only in theaters.” Um, bit optimistic, aren’t we?
    3. Boss Level: This is not enough to make me reactivate my Hulu account.
    4. Falcon & Winter Soldier: Yes. Yes! YES!
    5. Waffles & Mochi: I know the Obamas struck a deal with Netflix, but I didn’t think they’d be doing a cooking show with Muppets.

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  2. I saw the trailer for Fast 9 and I thought jesus not another one, it’s amazing they still have a large fan base but for me I gave up quite a while ago. Also I was a major fan of Paul Walker and couldn’t imagine it without him.

    (You haven’t seen a ghost… i’m back…) 😉


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