Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 8-14/2021)

I haven’t posted AS much this week, because after the last couple months having been so tightly scheduled on the blog, I needed a couple breather days. But I will be back with more regular posts again next week, especially since the Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Friday and it will get weekly reviews just like WandaVision. But for now, on to the trailers we go!



THE TRAILER IS FINALLY OUT! I feel like I’ve waited for it for years, but so worth it.

Every Breath You Take

How can they not put Sam Claflin in the title?

Like a House on Fire

Jared Abrahamson and Dominique Provost are in this and I am here for it!! But the movie also just looks really emotional and like it could be fantastic.

Here Are Young Men

Again, would likely watch this for the cast (although I prefer Joe Cole to Finn Cole?)

Shoplifters of the World

Norah from the Wilds is in this!

The Outside Story

I can see this being fun?

City of Lies

This is about Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

Saving Zoe

Not loving the aesthetic of this.

Just Say Yes

It looks SO corny, but not in a way I necessarily enjoy?

As I Am

It started all teen romance drama and then it felt darker.


I think this is a movie? Either way, it’s the prequel to the show Undercover, which should also be available on Netflix.

Sugar Daddy

I just saw the lead in an odd role in Ginny and Georgia

Madame Claude

It’s a remake of something from the 70s I believe, which is based on actual events? I’m not doing my proper research today.


This is not my kind of movie.

TV Shows

Kung Fu

I am really excited for this show and hope it pops off!


Let’s be real, I’d mostly watch this for Ariela Barer.


I think I included a teaser of this before?

Snabba Cash

Wasn’t there a series of movies with the same title?

Van Helsing (Season 5)

It’s back for its final season and I can’t speak to anything, cause I am like 2 seasons behind. I just wanted Vanessa and Axel back in the day, but that seems unlikely.

Queen of the South (Season 5)

I think this is also the final season?

Did anything on here catch your eye? Let’s talk!

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