Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 22-28/2021)

Another week has come and gone and so has March pretty much. We will soon do another monthly wrap-up, talking about what’s going on, but today remains all about trailers. Let’s dive in!


The Suicide Squad

Looks fun! I mean, they even got Starro!

We Broke Up



Okay, I commented on the trailer that I did not understand how anyone could stowaway on a spaceship, but that I’d watch it anyway. And … for some reason that became the most upvoted comment and the co-writer/director replied to it with the following “I spoke to NASA about this. They said, “Totally believable. We’d never do it, but maybe [a private space company] would.” Then I spoke to someone at that company. They said, “100% could happen. Not to us, but could definitely happen at NASA!” Take that with a grain of salt, cause it’s the interwebs and could be just anyone saying that.

Shiva Baby

Seems to have garnered a lot of interest already

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies?

It looks kinda nice.

Edge of the World

Have no real opinion on this.

The Resort

I wouldn’t watch this, because horror, but Michael Vlamis is in it.

TV Shows

Made for Love

I put this in the movie section last time, but it’s apparently a show.

Frank of Ireland

Not sure, but Domhnall Gleeson is an argument.

The Nevers

Still think this looks interesting!

Big Shot

Disney+ is really into making all the inspiring sports shows and movies again.


Not sure this is for me.

Luis Miguel, the Series (Season 2)

I didn’t know there was a season 1?

Did you see something on here you would like to watch? Let’s talk about that!

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 22-28/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Suicide Squad: Already looks better than the original one. I can’t wait!
    2. Stowaway: At first, I thought this was an adaptation of “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin. It isn’t, but I’m going to watch it anyway. Looks really good.
    3. The Resort: I also thought this was an adaptation of something I was familiar with (in this case, The Resort by Bentley Little, which is scary on its own). But this looks right up my alley and I look forward to seeing it when it comes out.

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  2. These posts are real time-savers! But, I also have to say it feels good “to miss” some trailers, never thought the state of cinema was in this decline. Frank of Ireland looks good, but I wish it were a film, rather than a series. I feel like TV series demands too much investment time-wise.


    • You aren’t even aware of just how many trailers for films I actively choose to not feature because they are garbage 😂 I don’t think decline is the right word. There have always been a lot of niche-, indie movies or films that were just never meant for the big screen to begin with. Now access to them is just far easier. I’m partial to shows though, because I enjoy the time investment.

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      • Really? “Decline” is not even my word, but the opinion of some very well-known film-makers working today. The thing here is the quality of these indie and other films. It’s been ten years this November that I am writing about Oscars on my other blog and it will be the first year that I will completely ignore them.


      • I work in the film industry, mostly in film distribution and there has just been a major shift as to how people consume media. There is still amazing films (also this Oscar season) that are being produced e.g . Promising Young Woman to just name one.

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      • The Oscars have become so politicised, it is frankly sickening. Can you name this year’s Best Picture nominee that DOESN’T have a political or social agenda? I can’t. They are all “trendy”. “The Father” (dementia – what else is everyone talking about? I can name FIVE other big films with this topic coming out only this year), “Judas and the Black Messiah” (activism/social change), “Minari” (“American Dream” under fire and possibly racism), “Nomadland” (homelessness), (“Promising Young Woman” (feminism), “Sound of Metal” (disability discrimination). “The Trial of the Chicago 7″ (unfair trial, injustice). What a tick-boxing exercise that is. And, “Mank”, well that’s about their favourite topic – the beloved Hollywood.


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