TMP – Oscar Winner Edition: Best Supporting Actor/Actress

It’s Thursday and I’m back with a new Thursday Movie Picks feature post. This series is hosted by Wandering through the Shelves and offers you a weekly prompt to post some movie recommendations/talking points according to the theme. Usually, you are supposed to post about 3-5 examples, which I find a very manageable amount.

This week is once again part of the Oscar Winner Edition, which will continue to be a reoccurring theme during each month. I think I have thoroughly proven that I am no Oscar fiend and barely watch any of the movies, so bear with me with my selection. Today is all about the best Supporting Actors and Actresses, however, since I found myself struggling to find movies I actually watched and/or liked among the winners of the category (this is not a judgment on the performances, I really don’t watch a lot of Oscar stuff), I chose to feature performers I think would have deserved the award also (!!!not instead of, but ALSO!!!)

Florence Pugh – Little Women

Amy was never the most likable character to me and maybe she didn’t have to be, but Florence Pugh really brought a dimension to her that I adored. I wanted to root for her just as much as for Jo and means something in my book. Then again, Little Women just remains a favorite for me in general.

Laurie Metcalf – Lady Bird

I’m not even sure how Laurie Metcalf’s character was only a supporting character, but her dynamic with Saoirse Ronan is what made this movie work. They sparred off each other and showed a complicated mother-daughter-relationship in the process.

Saoirse Ronan – Atonement

Saoirse was still so young back then, but she was such an important vehicle for the plot of Atonement to work and her performance made it believable. Even at a young age, I bought into every tear she shed, her acting was that good.

Abigail Breslin – Little Miss Sunshine

I just love this movie and Abigail is a lead to me, but whatever. Another brilliant kid actress at the time and I think it’s always fascinating when young children understand the nuances of so many emotions and know how to portray them.

Tom Hanks – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The movie was literally about Fred Rogers and Tom Hanks managed to convey the same warmth and aura that he did, but okay … supporting actor nomination is fine, I guess?

Stanley Tucci – The Lovely Bones

Stanley Tucci is one of my all time favorite actors and he shines in every role, no matter how big or small. This is one of the few movies, however, where I was terrified of him. His performance made me feel so uncomfortable, maybe especially because I knew the source material and knew what was ahead. It was chilling!

If this list didn’t clue you in that I would watch basically ANYTHING Saoirse Ronan is involved in, I don’t know what more to do? What are some of your contenders?

24 thoughts on “TMP – Oscar Winner Edition: Best Supporting Actor/Actress

  1. These are all excellent picks. Saoirse Ronan is fantastic and probably should have won more than once already. Stanley Tucci is one of those actors whom I adore and I feel like he doesn’t get enough recognition. I also agree about Florence Pugh. She was so fantastic in Little Women.

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    • Thank you! I always get a bit nervous with the Oscar posts, because that’s really not my field of expertise and I don’t care about many of those movies as much as I probably should haha


  2. I can understand that! I don’t get terribly invested in the Oscars though I do find them fun to watch. Most of the time I haven’t even seen the nominated movies.


  3. God I love Saoirse Ronan too, legit I will watch any movie she is in and probably fall in love with it because she is in it lol. I loved her so much in Lady Bird and Little Woman. I really need to get around to seeing Atonement. It’s been on my list for a while! 😀

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  4. You threw me then for a second – I was thinking ‘How did I miss that Breslin was nominated for Little Miss Sunshine?!’ – before properly reading your introduction.

    I adore Little Miss Sunshine; Arkin was one of my picks this week. I agree that Breslin should have received more praise for her performance.

    Lady Bird was very good film but I must admit that apart from Ronan I couldn’t name who else was in it.

    Atonement was very over rated, IMO.

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  5. I love Saorise so absolutely no arguments from me lol. I wish Laurie Metcalf would’ve won for Lady Bird. I liked Allison Janney in I, Tonya quite a bit, but Lady Bird just spoke to me.

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    • Thank you! I always end up doing very me-takes of the categories I struggle with haha
      The Lovely Bones is very sad. I read the book first and loved it, but can’t remember how the movie held up in comparison. I just know that Tucci was creepy!


  6. An interesting way to go with this! I could come up with a list as long as both of my arms, and probably longer of performers I would have preferred win to those who did in various years.

    I agree that Amy is a difficult character to sympathize with at times in Little Women. I haven’t been able to catch up with this version of the story, I’ve seen several others, but it’s on my list especially since Pugh won so many accolades in a role that is usually quite secondary.

    Likewise, I haven’t seen Lady Bird yet but wholeheartedly agree about both Breslin and Ronan in their respective flicks. All three actresses who portrayed Briony in Atonement were wonderful, Vanessa Redgrave was amazing (she always is) in her ability to come in at the end and wrap up the story and own the character so completely in such a short time, but it’s Saoirse’s work that lingers.

    Tom Hanks’ supporting nom is marginal but at least justifiable since the focus was on how he changed Matthew Rhys’ life. Be that as it may he is sensational in the film. He looks nothing like the real Mr. Rogers and only approximates his speech cadence, but he captures his essence and that’s what mattered.

    Having read the book I have avoided The Lovely Bones, I admired the writing but it’s so dark, even though I’m a big Stanley Tucci fan.

    I love these acting themes and couldn’t decide between the categories, so I chose three from each.

    The Razor’s Edge (1946)-Anne Baxter-Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power) disillusioned by WWI drifts through Europe looking for life’s meaning. In Paris he becomes reacquainted with childhood friend Sophie MacDonald (Baxter) who he remembers as a happy wife and mother. Having lost her family when a drunk smashed into their car Larry finds her a broken, drug addicted prostitute and tries to help her but her sorrows run too deep.

    The Last Picture Show (1971)-Cloris Leachman-In the slowly dying North Texas town of Anarene high school senior Sonny Crawford (Timothy Bottoms) drifts into an affair with the coach’s wife Ruth Popper (the recently departed Cloris Leachman). Though it commences more out of ennui than true feeling their involvement soon causes profound changes to both.

    The Year of Living Dangerously-Linda Hunt-Well connected photographer Billy Kwan (Linda Hunt) takes inexperienced correspondent Guy Hamilton (Mel Gibson) under his wing upon Guy’s arrival in Jakarta. As political tension roils and then escalates to the boiling point both their lives as well as that of diplomat Jill Bryant (Sigourney Weaver) hang by a thread.

    The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)-Harold Russell-At the end of WWII three servicemen return to their hometown to find their way of life radically changed. One of the men Homer Parrish has lost his hands in an explosion, while he has adjusted to living with the hooks that replaced them, he finds the world is a vastly different place for him. Russell, who had suffered the same sort of injury, was not a professional actor but his performance is naturalistic and immensely impactful.

    All About Eve (1950)-George Sanders-In the Broadway world of stage star Margo Channing (Bette Davis) urbane, venomously acerbic and powerful theatre critic Addison DeWitt (Sanders) is tolerated but not liked. Still when Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) insinuates herself into Margo’s good graces it’s Addison who sees through her sweetness to the vicious climber underneath. My favorite Supporting Actor winner, a perfect meeting of actor and role.

    They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)-Gig Young-In the soul crushing world of Depression era marathon dances resides opportunistic promoter and emcee Rocky Gravo (Young) a man devoid of scruple or compassion. He sees the contestants-including hard bitten Gloria (Actress nominee Jane Fonda), glamour girl wannabe Alice (Supporting Actress nominee Susannah York), broken down Sailor (Red Buttons) and audience surrogate Robert (Michael Sarrazin)-as so much fodder to be made money off until they lose their usefulness and are thrown away. The deeply troubled Young (he ultimately killed himself and his fifth wife in a murder/suicide) was a preeminent comic actor for years before this revelatory performance.


  7. I have A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood on my watchlist for a while now and have been dying to see it, especially when Mr. Rogers was actually part of my childhood. So many huge lessons learned through his show! I’m not surprised that you mentioned the movie here hahah Also saw Little Women and Florence Pugh is indeed awesome. Her role in the horror movie Midsommar was phenomenal! Great selection, Kat! 😀

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  8. I still have to see this version on Little Women and a Beautiful Day…with Tom Hanks. Ronan is an excellent actress in everything she does and I loved her in LadyBird as well as Laurie Metcalf. Laurie deserved the Oscar no doubt about it. I can’t stand Aborement even though the story sounds so good, I just found it way too long and over-rated. Little Miss Sunshine is a great movie and the little Abigail shines and hold her own against the acting heavyweights. The Lovely Bones is excellent and under-rated. If you have read the book first, I am certain you would probably be disappointed in the film but Tucci’s performance was creepy and unnerving. I, too, love him as an actor and am now watching his show on italy and food.

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    • I only watched Atonement once when it was on TV, but I had no quarrels with it. It’s not my favourite movie, but I did get emotional, which is why I brought it up.
      I did read Lovely Bones before watching it, but there was so much time between the two that I didn’t compare it all that much. There’s only so much you can include in a movie ..


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