Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 29-April 4/2021)

In case you celebrate, I want to wish all of you a happy Easter! I never really had much of a religious connection to it, but I loved going on the hunt for hidden chocolate eggs when I was little. My mom used to sneak into my room and gather all my stuffed animals that looked like rabbits and arranged them in the living room – good times! Anyway, now on to the trailers!


Space Jam 2: A New Legacy

Someone got inspired by Ready Player One … but Space Jam was one of my favorite movies back in the day, so, I’ll check this out for sure.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Sure, why not?

Black Widow

One of these days, I guess this movie will actually release.

The Suicide Squad

They saw how many trailers Marvel released for its shows, so they thought they’d have to put out several for their DC movie too.

Together Together

I LOVE the look of this so much already!


This looks like one of those unassuming but really good movies.

Ride or Die

This is based on a super dark manga from what I hear.

The Disciple

Netflix making Marathi movie available to a broader audience!

Percy vs. Goliath

This is based on a real story!


This movie is gonna be wild.

Wrath of Man

Post Malone in a movie is just odd to me.

Spiral (Saw movie)

I’m kind of intrigued by the cast.

Things Heard & Seen

I don’t do creepy stuff like this, but I like the cast.

TV Shows

Shadow and Bone


Star Wars: The Bad Batch

I know I should keep up with the animated Star Wars universe, but I don’t, so I have nothing to say. Judging from everyone’s reactions though, this is gonna be good?


Italian Netflix is out there stepping up their game now that Baby is over.

Mare of Easttown

It’s just so strange to me that Kate Winslet is in a show.

Law and Order: Organized Crime

Not my show, but I know it has a huge audience.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 4)

This shows A LOT! Just thought I’d warn you.

Younger (Season 7 – final season)

WHY is there a new love interest for Liza teased??? At this point, I just really want Josh to be happy.

Did you see something you’d like to watch on here? Let’s talk!

9 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 29-April 4/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Space Jam 2: To my surprise, I kind of want to watch this now.
    2. Black Widow: If they move it again, I may have to break out the chainsaw.
    3. The Suicide Squad: This looks like so much fun! And I hope Peter Capaldi gets an opportunity to make a Doctor Who reference.
    4. Ride or Die: Not familiar with the manga it’s based on.
    5. Spiral: I didn’t even like the first Saw movie.
    6. Things Heard & Seen: I do creepy stuff, and this might be up my alley.
    7. Law & Order: Organized Crime: I watched the first episode. It’s not what one would expect from L&O. Definitely more focused on a long story arc. It may work against the show. I’ll watch it anyway, though. I used to like Stabler, so we’ll see if he can carry a new show that’s so different than the normal L&O show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE Space Jam, so I was always gonna at least check out the sequel haha
      I have zero expectations for the Black Widow release at this point.
      That would be fun!
      4.-6. Nothing to add.
      I think a lot of that L&O stuff is now solely based on nostalgia people have for it haha


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