Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 10-16/2021)

It’s Sunday, so you all know what that means on the blog here. We are going to take a look at some trailers and promos for films and TV shows. Let’s get started!


The Green Knight

I’m in love with the aesthetics already.

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

This trailer changes tone so many times, I can’t even.


This looks so much sweeter than I thought it would. Stories like this have my heart.

Wish Dragon

The way he just wishes for his friend back is the cutest.

Skater Girl

It looks really nice.

The Protégé

Maggie Q doing action stuff is just so amazing to watch!

The Forever Purge

I still haven’t watched a single Purge movie or the show.


Movies like this just don’t really draw me in.

TV Shows


I get double the Anthony Mackie in one show, so count. me. in.


It looks absolutely brilliant and I’m so looking forward to it! Jasmine is fantastic!


I just realized that I read the book for this show. I think? It was okay?? Will definitely take a peak at it when it releases though.


It’s happening!

Lisey’s Story

Not familiar with this story, so can’t say anything about it? But Dane DeHaan knows how to do creepy.

We Are Lady Parts

That title alone …


Not sure this is my style, but the story looks cute.

Ragnarok (Season 2)


Home Before Dark (Season 2)

Season 1 really surprised me and despite the young age of the main actress, I felt like this was actually for adults and very mature.

Lupin (Part 2)

Freaking finally! (although I still advocate for all of you to watch this in French with subtitles)

Trying (Season 2)

I still haven’t watched season 1 …

Did you find something on the list here that you would like to watch? Let’s chat about that!

12 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 10-16/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Green Knight: The Arthurian fanboy in me approves and looks forward to seeing it.
    2. Venom 2: I just watched the first one to refresh myself for this. These films may not be top-tier superhero films, but man are they fun.
    3. The Forever Purge: I didn’t even like the first one, and haven’t seen any of the sequels. I’ll skip this too.
    4. LIsey’s Story: I know the original book is one of King’s favorites he’s written, but it’s on a service I don’t have and have no intention of getting. So oh well.


    • About Apple TV+, it is one of the best streaming services I have used so far! While the navigation on the site is a bit meh, the content is of the best quality among mostly everything I watch and I watch a whole lot. So, if you want to watch Lisey’s Story, it’s worth it to get the service. Not to sound like they sponsor me but:
      1) it’s the cheapest streaming service on the market right now.
      2) they have a free trial period of about 7 days, so if you wait for all episodes to release (as they do weekly), you can likely binge it during the trial
      and 3) I haven’t actually paid for the service for the majority of the months I have used it. Apple is subsidizing my subscription as long as I stay with them, even though (or because) there are months without new content. I’ve had it for over a year now and maybe paid 4-5 months of it.


  2. I actually just finished the first season of Ragnorak last night, so I was very happy to discover that there is a second season & that it’s coming out soon! I truly picked the perfect time to watch this, as I can continue with the next season so soon already 😄

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